49th Vanier Cup: Calgary vs Laval Discussion

No it was only on Shaw and could be watched online SFAIK. A shame as it could really have great exposure to the CIS if it had been on 360 or its predecessor. Lots of highlights and interviews that just weren't available anywhere else. It could have worked well as a pregame show for the Score's games. But Score/360 needs to go to national coverage rather than just OUA; I'd like to see a national feature game and a regional game weekly but probably not going to happen.

I read a rumour about TWU joining CW football on CISfootball.org but paid no attention because the school only has about 3500 students which is small by modern standards for a football program. Travel costs would be brutal out here. But I would love to see it happen. An 8, 10 or even 12 team CW would be great.

Here in the states we are able to get it via Utube but in Canada an Eastern presense of the program needs to be easily accesible on a network. For those Ontario cities and Regions with CIS University football teams having it on their Rogers TV channel would make plenty of sense at the very least not to mention 360.
Also If Sportnet is going to be exclusive parner of CIS National Progaming it does need to have more than just OUA games on each week on 360.
Only Time will tell if Rogers is willing to grow this product. I hope so!

Vancouver proper does have teams; just not many. Most of the teams are from the suburbs

I heard the same rumor and it might not be as far-fetched as it seems. Trinity Western has some pretty aggressive expansion plans and is quietly gathering a war-chest to make it happen. Its athletics program has grown by leaps and bounds and boasts some of the best facilities in the CIS (not that that’s saying all that much :wink: ). They draw students from all over western Canada and the U.S. They may be small, but their athletic teams enjoy great support as the school community is very tight unlike what you would see at a typical school. Besides, a school like SFU that has 35,000 students averaged about 500 fans for football. Not exactly difficult to beat that. :lol:

That is very interesting I would have to think that they have a lot a community support from the local community around the school as well. With drawing student athletes from All over BC as well as the US they could be looking to expand there football recruiting grounds into the US as well.
Relly not that far retched and is bound to begin to happen or at least tried. BC football players having on UBC and SFU both in Vancouver metro really many of the northwest NCAA schools recruit heavily in BC at all levels from top DI schools like Washing and Washington state to 1AA eastern Washington Montannas and the DII conferences in the norhwest.

If they can find a way, I hope they do. More power to them, and fie on those bigger schools who won't even make an effort! :smiley: