49th Vanier Cup: Calgary vs Laval Discussion

One week ago I likely would have said that if Calgary and Laval met in the Vanier Cup, Laval would be the clear favorite. Well after Bowl weekend I'm not so sure. Calgary simply beat down the number 1 ranked Western Mustangs and left them frozen and broken. Meanwhile in Sackville the Rouge et Ore took care of Mount Allison without issue, but it wasn't the bloodbath that were were expecting. They had flaws.

I'm expecting another Vanier classic in Quebec City on Saturday, with Calgary FINALLY coming out on top this time around.

Just back home in time to watch the game. Dinos just got a TD and are down by 2. Lets go Calgary.

Who won

I'll let you know in 1:58 minutes

25-14 Laval. Crap. :cry:

Congrats to Laval. Calgary just couldn't stop the run. A lot of penalties and messed plays. Not your usual Vanier !

I don’t get Sportsnet 360 as I don’t have it with the basic cable package I have, you have to have the extra sports package. But seems Dinos at least made a go of it anyways.

I have not seen any TV ratings for the Vanier cups first go around with Sportsnet.
Is there any word on the ratings yet or were they so much worse than the previous TSN/RDS Grey Cup Combo weekend that they have not reported it?

Laval had a private party with Rogers. Oh well. Yes, what were the ratings? I guess the CIS got what they wanted, going from TSN to 360? Whatever.

I know I cant find it anywhere, it must not have been that great. Surely Football is the centerpiece of the TV deal with Rogers and there not in it to lose money. I would venture to guess that we may see the Vanier Cup return to Toronto and Rogers Centre. Rogers owns the joint and owns the media in Toronto so can promote it much better being in their city and their venue.
Perhaps a package deal for the Vanier cup and Bills series tickets :wink:

The CIS deseperately needs pairity, the OUA is the only one the remotely approaches pairity and only because Western has off years, leaving McMaster, Queens, Guelph, Laurier and Ottawa to fight it out. Carleton is a new program, Waterloo is still recovering from their suspension and York, Toronto and Windsor haven't been able to get it together at all in the last decade.

Anyways, I doubt the ratings came in anywhere near the same as the 48th and 47th Vanier because there was no cross promotion with the Grey Cup. I firmly believe that the Vanier should stick itself to the Grey Cup, it's better for the CIS to raise money (espcially on ticket sales because most people going to the Grey Cup will double dip on the Vanier), it's better for the exposure the game gets and it's better for the CFL because it further incentivizes markets to get CFL teams if they want to host.

As it stands right now, except for the East coast (who we all want to see get a CFL team/stadium) every CIS team is a 3 hour drive or less to a CFL venue. Every university except for the East coast has a chance to have a championship game close by.

The Grey Cup Pairings ship has sailed with Rogers Sportnet getting the TV rights.
This season was also hosted and promoted by Laval Corp who had gotten the rights to the 2013 Vanier cup before Rogers got on board.
I would not be a bit surprised if Rogers does not double dip next season's Vanier. Hosting the game back at RC where the game can be highly promoted through the OUA football Broadcast.
Narrowing the age limit to 24 starting next season will cut out any of the 25 year old plyers returning for another season at Laval, get drafted and have to go to the pros where a 25 year old should be. Not back at Laval for a 5th season after spending a post 11th grade 3 years at a very highly competative Junior College type set up.
Western Again will be a favorite to go to the Vanier and will not be in the prairies next year for the national semi's
So a very close by Western and many othe OUA schools would present more of a crowd instead of being a Rouge et or private party

I pulled for Calgary of course and was sorry to see them lose. But the fact that Laval has found a model to win consistently is not a legitimate reason to outlaw their practices. Rather it should be an example for other schools that want to have successsful programs to follow. I'd love to see a CIS full of schools that actually could attract the top players in their regions instead of losing them to the NCAA and get 12-15k or so a game.

I wish to hell we had a CIS program here in Lethbridge, or at least a PJFC team as was planned at one time. I'd buy season tickets in a heartbeat.

from Jim Mullin's blog, down 64%:

[url=http://jimmullinnow.blogspot.com/2013/12/vanier-cup-tv-ratings-down-64-per-cent.html]http://jimmullinnow.blogspot.com/2013/1 ... -cent.html[/url]
NUMBERS ARE IN: The 2012 Vanier Cup was the height of success on TV and in the ratings books. A total of 911,000 watched the whole game, with over three million tuning into some 15 minute portion of the game on TSN.

Fast forward to 2013, and it would seem that the CIS is starting all over again.

Sportsnet did their best by simulcasting last month’s final on the main network and the home for the OUA, SN360. The numbers did not follow. Competing with Grey Cup Saturday on TSN, the numbers plummeted 64 per cent from the previous year, down to 301,000.

As warned in this very spot, the shift away from Canada’s home of football and the end of the Grey Cup marriage which pushed the Vanier to new levels of visibility was not going to do the game any favours on the national stage. Yes, Quebec City was singularly focused on the event which was well organized by the University of Laval. However, the detachment from the CFL grid kneecapped the progress which was made over 2012 and the 2011 event in Vancouver.

For the game to be maximized in this country, everyone has to be on the same page and put the tribal crap to bed.

The upside in all of this is what has been promised in the agreement between CIS and Sportsnet for Men’s and Women’s hockey and basketball finals in 2014 and for the next five years after. As a producer/broadcaster for a Women’s final on Shaw, I can say we did the final justice in 2012. But even I have to face the fact that a national final deserves a national network. Can the remaining four finals draw 610,000 to make up what was lost from last year’s single game audience? Let’s hope.

Let’s also hope that the new 5.2 billion dollar NHL-Rogers deal does not squeeze CIS coverage into a corner.

50th VANIER DATE: The date of the 50th Vanier Cup has been set for November 29, once again the Saturday before Grey Cup. With the date set, could there finally be an announcement on the location of the landmark event early in the new year?

Toronto was the early front runner, but over the last month Montreal seems to be picking up steam with Laval sitting there once again waiting to save the day if the rest of the country can't get a decent bid together.

Rogers is Toronto sports. They own the Enclosed venue in Toronto which will be availble for a Vanier Cup and lastly they certainly have the ability to run such an event through there Sports and Entertainment entity.
It is the Rogers model to own the broadcast rights, the venue for the games into its synergy.
Of course they would have to place a bid to the CIS for the rights to host the 50th Vanier cup but they have an inside track by having exclusive TV rights to CIS championship football.
Compared to what Laval can do to promote the Vanier Cup Rogers has resources that Laval can never ever hope to match.
Rogers already has a staff of people that promote events, run stadiums, and Broadcast events.
Hate if you like for saying this but it is what it is.

Checked the blog and it was interesting to see that UBCO wants to join the CW footbal lleague in 2016. I had heard rumors of this but didn't know it was so far along. Now we need to see SFU get back in and for UVic and Lethbridge to get programs going.

Come to think of it, there are lot a schools in the CIS that seem to be big enough for football programs that don't have them. Laurentian and Ryerson both did at one time, and Brock is certainly big enough. Both UQaM and UQTR had teams and are certainly large enough to field teams. UNB and Dalhousie are two of the bigger Unis in the maritimes and had teams. Even tiny UPEI had a team at one time. It would be nice to see these schools pull up their socks, raise the money and give it a go. Maybe Winnipeg or Mount Royal and McEwen. I remember reading in Frank Cosentino's book "A Passing Game" that there were 35 university programs in Canada in the 1960s. Some of the schools he mentions (RMC, McDonald College, CMR) were quite small. You'd think with the growth in population and enrolments there would be more programs.

I suppose there might a problem with enough feeder HS's? Four of the rural schools in southern Alberta (Magrath, Picture Butte, Nanton and Vulcan) dropped their programs years ago but Chinook HS in Lethbridge and Myers in Taber have come in since. In PB's case it wasn't for lack of interest by the kids, they couldn't find any ATA member to coach. I'm sure there are more HS's in places like Calgary and Edmonton than there were years ago that have programs

We get fairly good crowds by Canadian standards often up to 2000 here for HS football at the U of L campus. The stadium was originally planned to have ~3500 seats in 25 rows along the sideline (there are actually 16 rows) with room to expand into the endzone but budget problems intervened and with no Uni program on the horizon it's unlikely it will ever be built out. There was a plan to get a PJFC team here (the Blitz) that my nephew was involved in but it foundered on the requirement for a $250,000 performance bond. They got about hallway there and ran out of steam. The Football Canada Cup was recently hosted there though.

HS football seems to be fairly healthy here in Alberta, but there are no nine man programs like there were back in the 70s, not to mention six man. Raymond just south of town has a new 1200 seat field planned, remarkable for a town of about 2500 with a school of maybe 250. What's it like in other provinces? I've heard that there is no HS football in Vancouver but that seems hard to believe.

Sorry for the long ramble. Bored and insomniac.

Football is an expensive program with all the equipment and equipment that needs to be kept current for liability issues in a contact collision type sport. On the other hand, in universities they are losing some students who want to play football but no program exists and that's a problem as well I'm sure.

Also being a regular watcher of the Canadian University show ech week hosted by Jim he did mention the Irony of how UBCO is probably almost a go by 2016 joining a partnership with the SUN ant yet the larger UBCV campus talking about dropping football.
There was also another private instituaton in the CanWest that was quietley getting together a Laval Model type programming cant remember which one but UBCO looks like a go for sure. The SUN have been woorking on tyhis for a long time and now that UBC owns the University there and is an official CIS program in other sports the football move can take place.

The only private insitution in CW that I know of is Trinity Western in Langley. While I’d love to see another new team I think they’re just too small for it.

And yes the weekly Krown Countdown was great. Should have been on one of the major sports networks though.

That was the school. It seems to have alot with transitioning from the CJFL to the CIS for the Universities and the CJFL programs in there city.

Was Krown U Countdown at least on Sprtsnet 360 this past season?
I know it is on SHAWTV inthe West to go with CANWest football coverage but would need a better eastern presence on a Network in which is easily accessible on reasonable tier of a Cable package.
It wpuld be great to see Sportsnet place it on one of their Netorks at least as well as making it availble on each regions local Rogers TV network. Cetainly Rogers having it at least on both 360 and Rogers TV will reach more CIS city households easier.