49'ers embarrasing training video

Interesting reading the Toronto media and newspapers, nothing relating this to the image of the league from what I have read so far. If this happened to a team in the CFL, they would be all over it relating it to the image of the league as rinky dink or something. Typical I guess.

But really, what’s wrong with partying with three half-naked bisexual chicks? Aren’t we free to design creative educational videos anymore?

…here here…I too support the right to party with half-naked bisexual women…

Yes, you guys do have a point there!

I agree with the original post 100%.

According to Canadian press the NFL can never do any wrong and the CFL can do no right.

This also happens in the OTTAWA , press…as well…The NFL, can do NO wrong…they don’t have any bad owners in the NFL, NFL teams don’t loose money , players are NOT traded or change teams , in the NFL?


The NFL, is very strict about BAD press. Even NFL fan clubs , are told NOT to say anything bad about their team , or they can’t be in the fan club.

And the CFL does everything wrong…

Like…articles about former ex felons playing in the CFL…If you took out all the players in the NFL with a past criminal record , there would be be no , NFL.

But complaining here does very little , you have to call or write the stations and/or the papers , and point out this blatent double standard.

One of the GILBS. used to date a cheer leader [maybe, it was because she was NOT bi-sexual] and all hell broke loose in OTTAWA, the last time…give me a bloody break.

Write and phone them…it does work.

What makes this story so stupid is that the tape was never meant for anyone but the team. They’re all grown men. Hell, some of the things me and my old teammates have done are worse than that. Maybe if it had been someone actually on the team filing a complaint or a cheerleader saying she was forced to make the tape, then it should be headline news, but seriously, Showcase shows more hardcore programs than this tape. (at least from what I’ve read about it)

Hellothere, are you serious about NFL teams not allowing fans to say anything construed as “bad” on their forums? Man, that is unbelievable.

I’m just too fed up with the media here to write them when they jump all over CFL stuff, I’ve bcome immune, it’s a joke with me, the media that is, and how they cover the CFL at times with certain stories like “it only happens in the CFL”.

That was there policy 5 years ago . I knew some one who has VIKINGS season tickets. :smiley:

Where can I see this tape?


got one that isnt blurred?

God I wish I were 20 years younger…Third & ten…Red & White Call me when you have 3 naked bi-sexual Women…

Shhhh…wifes comming inside…

nice timing… im on my families comp so there is no way in hell that im gonna look at that right now… and im sure someone can find it unblurd on the wonderous thing we call the internet… it has everything

ill see if i can find something for y’all

Hey, Shouldn’t you young whippersnappers be in school or studying for exams? Not looking at this trashy 49er video…

pfft… exams aren’t for another 2 or 3 weeks, and i never study for them anyway… school is easy and im not gonna make it easier by studying… plus i have had football practice every day for the last 2 weeks… soooo, no studying for me…

football practice already. we have a spring camp, but we’re not even allowed to go full contact.

Only the Riders training film is funnier for sure. They would not fire them for it they would send them to a comedy club in Vegas.

we just had a mini tourney yesterday an hour away in Vernon… we did ok, but our QB is looking a little rusty… my mom wants me to go to Kelowna Secondary… pfft… stupid triple A school with like 20 recievers so i wouldnt play as much… im in quite a predicamint… cant wait until summer