49ers and Brock Purdy Watch Thread: A Star Is Born?

A star is born? As Purdy is playing now, why not start a thread I figured. Nobody is posting in the NFL thread anyway, and it gets cluttered.

49ers at Seahawks

We go now live to Seattle's huddle on defense:

"We don't want to get ahead of ourselves guys. Remember, we scout and wait to see where they will run the ball or where the catch will be made, and THEN we get 'em!"
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Well Brock Purdy indeed does play, as I suspected and almost always do whenever a key player is "questionable" for a few days.

Now Amazon should really dial down that bombastic energy in that broadcast booth and from the sideline for this production.

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I just see a guy who is well prepared, making the right read, executing the correct option for the play called, and throwing crisp passes in the right places to give his receivers a chance.
Along with a strong run game and a stout defence look out for the Niners.....

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Imagine if the 49ers win their next two games and then are in a position to rest Purdy for most of the last game, but of course sometimes playoff seeding works into the strategy to keep in the starter.

I cannot remember if it's ever happened that a rookie quarterback, let alone one starting only in the middle of the season, was able to be rested at the end of the season. It would be a good trivia question.

he’s doing well and looks like the real deal. makes good decisions.

the 49ers clinch NFC west and playoff berth.

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Brock is doing fine, but I saw some rookieness creeping into his game. some inaccurate passes and a questionable decision that almost lead to an interception. In the last game, Brock made a poor decision and he kinda started to beat up on himself.

Closer the season gets to the playoffs, the pressure will be greater. He has got to handle the pressure, especially if he has to play the Eagles on the road. I don't trust rookies in playoff setting. I have seen this before in Dak Prescott against the Packer in the '16 playoffs. We shall see.