49 yards!

All the negatives aside… when was the last time you can ever remember a D holding any O to 49 yards passing?

That’s right… in case you’re not aware, the Ticats held the Esks (with one of the best QB’s in the CFL) to 49 yards passing, and only allowing 7 completions all game, and they did it with two backups starting in the secondary!

I doubt this has happened for several decades.

The D did no wrong yesterday IMO, and we need them to carry this team. Last night they could have if not for the pick sixes by the O. I’m sure that garbage will all be cleaned up ASAP.

For the record, Hamilton was still able to pass for 306 combined yards with their three QB's. Pretty good against the supposed "best D in the CFL".

Hamilton proved last night that they not only deserve to be labeled the best D, but own it.

Edmonton didn't play very well yesterday, they only scored 12 points on offense and 7 of those points were scored in the last minute of the game, the turnovers and gift interceptions is how they scored. I'm sure Edmonton's coaching staff realize that this was not a well deserved win. Both these teams played badly.

I agree totally with we have the best D. However if you listen to Simoni's post game interview, he feels the D let down the team. He said Edmonton's D scored twice, we should have done the same.

thats called taking the heat of a young back up QB

Have to agree with all of the above posts except for one small statement - both teams played poorly because our D DID NOT play poorly nor did the STs. Zach was playing well and the back ups, while they didn't look great, did some good things under difficult circumstances (tough D and strong winds).

Well into the third (maybe the 4th) the EE O had only scored THREE offensive points. They got the TD off the fumble so that is really only 10 points. We gave up a safety (2 pts)- maybe that gets credited to the D for keeping us deep in our own end?

Yup I heard that and I have no doubt that the D will be doing all they can to help out our young QB with good FP and maybe even some more scoring. Would have been hard for them to score when Reilly hardly tossed the ball now, wouldn't it? :smiley: Only chance they had was with the Davis pick and it was a long field at that point to the end zone.

It would have been hard to intercept because Reilly was practically spiking the ball into the turf. No one (including his own receivers) had a chance to catch most of them.

49 yards wow...

That's what happens when a D rattles the QB. He was even rushing throws that he didn't have to rush. It shows he was rattled.

True - how could I forget about all those tosses that landed on the turf! :oops:

You know what? I hardly ever agree with CFF, but on this one he nailed it. Our D almost won the game for us with their play. If Mathews had started, he would have had a week's first team reps in practice, and likely would not have made as many errors as he did. That's all it would have taken imo for us to have beaten EE last night. Our D is the best in the league, bar none. Even Stewart, who was the weak link last year, is so much improved. It is fun watching them.

While I hope Zach's injury is not serious, I have no doubt that Jeff Mathews has the ability to play well enough for us to win. As I said in the thread I started about him: You should be judged, not by the adversity you faced (2 pick sixes), but, rather how you respond to that adversity - on Oct 2. He has his chance of redemption. Unless KA is a terrible judge of character, I fully expect him to be successful against the Cowtowners.


Mathews owned the Ivy League. Period.

He won the Ivy league rookie of the year award in 2010. He started the year as a backup also, but saw action in the first game and never looked back.

He has what it takes, and couldn't have better coaches around him to fix the issues. Three NFL teams felt he was worth signing, but he is honestly more the CFL type of QB. A bit like Porter, but better of course. Like Porter in that he is a big fast guy with a big arm.

Read more about Mathews here: