46-Man Roster

VS Calgary

[url=http://www.riderville.ca/siteimages/Depth%20Chart-%20GM%2014%20vs%20Calgary.pdf]http://www.riderville.ca/siteimages/Dep ... algary.pdf[/url]

Charles and Getzlaf ON

Clovis and Marshall OFF

Durant moved to #2

Foord listed as starter and Charles #2

Hernandez gets the nod over Marshall

Just to give you a picture of our offence:

Grant: 5’11, 205 lb, 10 yr, 25/245 0TD
Walker: 5’10, 185 lb, Rookie, 9/125 0TD
Getzlaf: 6’0, 200 lb, Rookie, (Never caught a pro pass)
Palmer: 5’10, 194 lb, 6 yr, 18/254 0TD
Dressler: 5’8, 164 lb, Rookie, 31/662 5TD
Bagg: 5’11, 192 lb, Rookie, 14/218 0TD
Hernandez: 6’0, 183 lb, Rookie, 1/2 0TD

This year: 98/1506, 5TD

Dissapointed Flick didn’t even make it to GTD status.

That 18 in Palmer's nnumberline: is that catches, fumbles, or both?

Sometimes, I love reporters.

Walker and Dressler are the main receivers until Fantuz and Flick (and Dominguez maybe) return.

Walker will be the man who will stick around for the playoff run and perhaps next year. He is Dominguez's replacement from now on. Dominguez is too injury prone in my opinion to have much a future here and I doubt his knee is anything the 'riders will bank on for the future. Dressler will be the 5th receiver and return specialist (and a darn good one at that). Canadian receivers on the horizon will be Fantuz, Nicolson, Bagg, and maybe McKoy. I really like Corey Grant, but he is no Jackson, Franklin, Thelwell (sp?), Ralph, Cahoon etc. But with Fantuz, Nicolson and Bagg, the 'riders have 3 quality young Canadian receivers. I think all 3 of them have a better upside that Bauman in Hamilton.

Unlike Kerry Joseph, I do not believe in a mythological cosmic papa up in the sky who performs supernatural miracles that will keep Dominguez in the game long term. It is not likely going to happen. Dominguez says he will come back. Well he is an aging injury prone athlete. He has to say things like that.