45$ Upper level seats ???

What is up with the 45$ seats in the upper level of bc place.

I think they should just not open it up instead of gouging the fans in the upper deck.

you can never get enough fans to open so dont wrry about it

It was open for Montreal on the 17th, I was in the lower bowl and couldnt believe they are charging 45 bucks to sit in the endzone upper

i kinda found it disturbing that they charge $45 for those seats as well.. along the sidelines i can see $45.. those are good seats with a great view of the whole field... but the endzones should be cheaper..$30 or $35 maybe... but i'm guessing they look at it as supply and demand... although i figure if they gave a break on the upperdeck endzone that they could open more of it and more than make it up in extra tickets sold... when it's hard to find 4 or 5 seats in a row for a family in the lower bowl... $45 bucks a seat might be more than they can afford and decide to not attend the game... if they could get cheaper endzones they might still be able to afford it... i don't know... just my thoughts..

When I was buying my tickets I was told that the best seats were endzones for $45 . I asked if there were no sideline seats at all. She told me yes but they're way up high and the endzones were better. I told forget the endzones , I wasn't paying $45 for endzone seats. What a crock .
The seats we got were pretty high up and the field did look pretty small from up there. But the endzone was real empty and you could've had front row there. But still endzones do suck except when the action is at you're end .
What I don't understand is why they don't just sell both sidelines. Like maybe between the 10 yardlines instead. That way they could justify $45 seats and you could walk up and still get a decent seat.
The seats we got weren't worth $45 and neither are the endzones.

good idea... both sidelines would be nice...

I think the seats in the upper deck should be less than the lower bowl, I am not sure what they are trying to accomplish by pricing the seats the way they are.

There is no way I would pay 45$ to sit in the upper deck endzone, those tickets should be 25$ at the most.

I go to most of the games and I couldnt believe it, I wonder how many people didnt go to the game because of the ticket pricing.

For the first home game this year myself and 3 friends couldnt get 4 tickets in a row because the upper deck was closed - we just ended up watching the game from the bar across the street and we were joined by a bunch of other peoiple in much the same boat. I think the lions are treating their customers pretty poorly ....

There is an additional cost hurdle to opening the upper deck.

Last home game (vs. Mtl), only 6,500 tickets were sold upstairs; they need 5,000 at $45 to break-even.

I do agree, however, that they should open the other side and leave the end-zones empty. Still, I think there's an even higher cost to do this.

The BC Place website is actually not too bad.


There may be an additional cost to opening up the upper deck, but there is a cost to gouging the fans by selling them 45$ tickets to sit in the endzone. These fans wont come back, I think for the most part the lions are good value for the money but in this case they are not.
I cant see too many people paying 45$ to sit in the endzone, its just bad business. The seats in the upper should be 45-25 bucks.