45,000 and climbing

Welcome to your worst nightmare Regina. More people in the dome then the people in the province of Saskatchewan with a job. Its going to be loud and hostile. Bring your A-Game or you're going to be punted right out of the stadium.

Final Release (2007/204)
Nov. 14, 2007

(Vancouver) Playoff excitement is building as the BC Lions prepare to take on the Saskatchewan Roughriders in this Sunday’s West Final. With more than 45,000 tickets already sold, fans are reminded that lower bowl seats are still available at Lower Mainland 7-Eleven locations for just $49.98 per pair (plus GST).

Gee SwervinMervin: now I see what they mean about your posts. Surely you are more intelligent then that…if you think there is only 45,000 people in the province of Saskatchewan with jobs, then you better re-take Social Studies, with an accent on Saskatchewan. As an added note: how many of the sold 45,000 tickets are Sask Rider Fans. You are going to be surprised!!!

Why do you all think there's gonna be so many rider fans. 04 at best had 2000 rider fans. Same thing with last year, there wasn't that many. I always hear there's gonna be 10,000 rider fans. I don't think so.

One member from Lionbackers.com has been reporting ticket sales because he has a good source. So far his reports are very accurate and now he says they are closing in on 48,000.

It would be interesting to see what the ticket count was prior to last Sunday's game, no? Then you can guesstimate just how many might be Rider Fans. What was the count for '06?

Depends upon how many riders fans were living in vancouver to actually get job.

To be honest I was surprised last year. Not that there were so many Rider fans, but that there werent as many as I was expecting. Granted, I was expecting more based on the jibba jabba going on prior to the game by rider fans. There were quite a few, but nothing compared to the orange!

And who was that who said they would sell less than 40k? Im too lazy right now to go looking! Take that! 39000 my ass! :smiley:

The problem is you have no idea how to tell how many were rider fans and how many were just late to the party. Im sure a number of em were riders fans tho.

ya i know rider fans will be there. of course they will be outnumbered but they will make their voices heard. and all i can say about lions fans is its a mazinf what a gigantic city population and a dome can do.
winnipeg didn't even have 23,000 which is sad but it was one of the best winnipeg crowds i have seen in years.

You're quickly proving why you're not even worth the effort... Douche.

Best end to a post ever....

This is why Chief doesn't run beside the boat anymore, he gets to enjoy the cold beverages onboard!

Closing in on 48,000. Should hopefully have 50,000 by the end of tomorrow, and then it's smooth sailing after that.

By the way, I just wanted to say to everyone hey how's it going? I'm a BC Lions fan and my name is Roar Lions Roar. I'm back and I'm happy to be here, even if I have to post under a different name.

That likely explains why your posts disappear very quickly.

No longer Dust, I am allowed to post here now.

Thanks. So, how have you been? It's been a while.

Excellent, attended the Riders first home game since I was 4 years old, I can't complain :wink:

That must have been intense, it looked that way on TV. Nice to see the Rider fans enjoying themselves all the way to the Western Final.

I'm looking forward to Sunday. I'm having troubles focusing at work, and I can't sleep thinking about the crowd and the two teams going at it this Sunday. Should be a lot of fun.

Does anyone know what the ticket sales for the East Final look like? How about the Grey Cup?

I was at the game in '92, last time TO hosted and it was a bit dull. Oh ya, Celine Dion was half time show...

nuff said

Toronto should do a better time this time around jschmeler. Back in 92, the big thing in T.O. was the Blue Jays winning the WS. Now that that hype is over and the Blue Jays have settled as an average team in a horrible looking baseball stadium by today's standards (good for football though people are realizing), and with great owners in the Argos and Pelley running the show, should be much, much better. We'll see. And especially if the Argos get into the big game.

You're quickly proving why you're not even worth the effort... Douche.
Is that french?

:D nm Got my answer.
Looks like they'll have at least 40,000+ for the East Final and I read today that the GC has only about 800 seats left.  These are expected to sell quickly once the two teams have been determined.

hmmm Sell out the Grey Cup in TO. I'm impressed and surprised!

Wonder if it would have sold out with Celine playing half time...