429 yds 5TD's 0INT's .... It's over for Printers

What he said.

Obie said the same, he expects Printers and Porter to compete next year.... Never been a Williams fan. Runs too much, doesnt throw a great ball.

I would like to explain to you Crash why some people, myself included have a problem with Printers. Simply put, he rode in here on his white horse and proclaimed to all that would listen, that the losing ways were done and that he was going to be the best QB in the league. By his own admission, he was the answer to the problem. This is why he is getting his nose cut off. Porter did not run his mouth off but simply took an opportunity and made the best of it.
Printers did not need you or anyone else to blow sunshine up his keister. He did it for you. Porter has my vote and Casey can go back to playing with Finnigan and Mr. Dress-up!

Printers and Porter and Williams are on the same team right now. I think they can be on the same team next year. Maybe porter is already under contract for next year? printers is, williams is.........it should be a fun camp and I can see all three being here again next year......why not? People just look for controversy. instead of keith and lumsden and caulley it becomes keith VS lumden VS caulley. Instead of casey, quinton and richie it becomes casey VS quinton VS richie. they are team mates now and just might be team mates next year.

All of Richie's games were decent, you can't take that away from him. If anything the only knock would be that he doesn't play great. But hey if Porter can play like this night in and night out it would be moot point anyway.

I would still keep printers around, just reduce his salary by $400,000. :lol:

If anyone wants printers bad enough to give up a decent defense player, I would say make that trade before they change their mind

And this is the typical moronic Ticat fan attitude that makes others laugh at us...

Porter showed enough to get another start, he's also done enough to show that he will come to camp and have a chance to earn the starting job next year..... (Just as Kevin Eakin did).

I dont care who starts, I care that this team wins... and Quinton looked damn good today.

Bottom line is this, As long as Printers is a Ticat we should support him... not boo him, not insult him, not have our beat writer taking shots at him... it accepted a contract that was offered to him, didnt hold out for more money, didnt make demands, he came here because HAMILTON OFFERED HIM THE MONEY TO COME HERE. To suggest that he is oerpaid for his efforts is fair, but to say he should be cut, released, ran out of town, etc because all he did when he came here is talk about winning. Yes perhaps a bit too much talking but I like the attitude, I like the confidence and this guy has led a team to the Grey Cup.... more than anyone else on our roster.

He deserves as many chances as the coaching staff is willing to give him. What he doesnt deserve is this condescending attitude our fans have towards our own... its happening to Printers and Lumsden and happened to a huge list of other players.

No wonder a guy like Tom Canada was quite vocal in his desire NOT to come here.... players talk!

Beet, I think your last post is one of the best I have read here in a very long time. I completely agree with the spirit of it.

I can see Quinton and Casey battling it out for number 1 and 2 with Williams settling in at 3. With injuries being what they are, everyone may have lots of playing time. BUILD these guys up as a TEAM rather than tearing them apart and creating controversy where there is none.

Quinton pushing Casey to be better can be nothing but a GOOD thing for this team.

Great game!

Aug. 14, 2008: Hamilton 24 @ Winnipeg 37
Passing: 14/27, 204yard, 0 TDs, 1 INT
Rushing: 13 rushes for 94 yards (longest 19 yards)
1 Fumble (1 lost)

I'm not a Richie hater, but I think that performance could be called decent only if one were to judge him strictly as a running back. Even then his performane is marred by the fumble (and 0 TDs). The fumble also led directly to a Winnipeg touchdown.

But if I can remember correctly ( a bunch of losses can get confusing) the game was close throughout. That is what I see as what Richie does. He wont throw a billion yards like Porter did to win a game for us, he will do enough to let the team win. A break one way or another and we win.
I think of him in a similar way as Vince Young. Finding ways to make it close and get that break to lead the team to victory.

You are correct in your assesment. he is a decent backup but I doubt he could ever start long term. What you see is what you get with richie, there is no all star qb waiting to emerge, all the reps in the world wont make him a great qb. he can last for years in the league but it will be at number 2 or 3 on whatever teams he plays for.

Though in that instance, what Richie did wasn't enough to let the team win. :wink:

But you have a point about it being close: I did a quick crunch of the sequence of scoring plays in that game and found that at one point in the 4rth quarter Hamilton trailed by only 4 points. Prior to that point, they had not trailed by more than 11 points at any given time (and in fact lead by 7 early on).

In case anyone is obsessive enough to be curious, here is how the point difference (total Winnipeg points minus total Hamilton points) broke down as each scoring play was tallied (positive numbers represent a Winnipeg lead, negative numbers represent a Hamilton lead, which would really make more sense if you were thinking about it from the perspective of a Winnipeg fan, but since I'm too lazy to multiply each number by -1, they'll stay as is :wink:):
Game start
End of 1st quarter
End of 2nd quarter
End of 3rd quarter
Game end

Hi Beet,
Good post.

I disagree.

OK, say Porter beats Printers out of a starting job next spring. (Which I think he would)

In the salary cap world, especially in the CFL you can not have a back-up making $450,000
Even if the Cats cut Printers after camp there are not enough good athletes available to spend that money on.

Decide if Porter is your man. Cut Printers. Re-Invest the $450,000 and pick up 2 All Star players for that same money.

Salary cap 101
One stud defensive lineman, and 1 stud offensive lineman and you are a MUCH stronger team!!!

Hey there Crash
too funny "crash'. I was stating facts sir. If I read you correctly, you implied that Tom Canada did not want to come here because of fans like myself. hmmm! I believe that the going attitude is that the fans in Hamilton are second only to Sask. I am wrong quite often but I don't think so here. Players do not refuse to come to a city because they are afraid of what the fans will say about them on these forums. And you called me a moron. You don't even know me or what my background is. I stated a few facts crash. I did not insult you. I could but I will not lower myself to that level. Another fact for your scrapbook Crash. I believe that the TiCat front office raced to the airport in Buffalo to grab Casey before he could head off to Montreal and possibly sign there. Hmmm! Why would he be heading to Montreal if he was completely above board on signing here. The bottom line is, Printers has had enough time to grab the team and run with it. I do not hate him, I don't even know him, much like you don't even know me.
And to conclude, this "moronic" fan that you took a shot at, drove an hour and a half with his family to watch the game live.
Here's a question for ya Crash, if Bob OBilovich had been here when Printers became available, would they have taken him? Based on the stories (inside scoop here; ah, you don't have a clue who I am) out of BC, NO WAY!

I just don't see Printers here next year.

Isn't this the same Obie that said Taffe would be evaluated at the end of the year? Sometimes things change.

Porter will start the next 4 games. If he plays well, he will be our starting QB next year and Printers will be gone.

I was hoping that Printers could put his money where his mouth is but he hasn't done that.

In Printers 2 years here, he has 1 win as a starting QB, both Richie and Quinton have 1 win each this year and Printers has started more games than both.

I think Porter is the real deal. He played well vs WPG. He got destroyed by BC which would make you think that he would've lost his confidence but he comes back and plays awesome vs MTL. 3 games don't make a career but he is on the right path.

who cares trade casey printers for a bag of footballs ... i dont care i dont like him he is too cocky and it is looking like the team doesnt need to waste $500,000 a year for a back up when richie can do it

The problem I have is with the notion that he should be cut based on QP's performance yesterday... 1 game only puts him in the class of Kevin Eakin.

On a day where we should be happy with the ticat win theres at least 3 threads about Printers being cut... very few people are saying "Cant wait to see the competition in camp next year"... instead he's being run out of town in a Calvillo-like blaze.

Its tiring, but its the Hamilton way.

And based on your Montreal comment... you are implying he only came here for the money... is this a problem? They offered him a contract and he took it. Now people fault him for it? Typical.

Sorry but im happy we seem to have at least 2 QB's that have proven they can play... some would rather lose Casey, Dump Williams and go into camp with Porter and 2 other rookies. Now thats smart football.

As for our fans being second to Sask? We cheer when the Offense is on the field. Enough said.

I agree. We don't need him here anymore. Printers came in like a lion and will leave like a lamb.

Obviously printers contract would come into play eventually if he was backup but next year is printers last year under contract so after next year they can shift some of the money to porter if they find out he is the real deal. Going into next season with printers and porter is a good idea. The team is only now starting to come together as a unit and until printers is completely written off its pointless to get rid of him just because a young rookie backup had a good game and a half. Printers could have played well yesterday, williams could have played well. The recievers made great plays, got open, yac yards, the line gave him some time. Porter could end up being nothing more than a backup and printers may show he still has it. You cant just drop your starter everytime the backup has a great game. Porter is doing well in his audition and might be the starter next year but to dump printers now and say its over for him is a little pre mature dont ya think? Having them all back for a full camp and deciding then is the best approach I see right now. I dont think porter is about to demand 500k a season just yet so until the team decides he is the future and number one and lock him in for the big bucks its okay to have printers and him here together.........they are doing it now. I havent given up on printers yet, and I am not sure the team should either. Worst thing they can do right now is rush to some decision and let printers go only to find out maybe porter isnt the real deal. They can take their time in the decision and I hope they do.