429 yds 5TD's 0INT's .... It's over for Printers

Wow ..... I really was rooting for Printers all season, but I think this performance by Porter equals a one way ticket out of Hamilton for Printers.

WOW. Did the team always have this potential?

Or were the Ticats playing the Montreal backups?

I agree! holie molie! Im stoaked!:slight_smile:

Congrats to the ticats....great game...also congrats to all the fans who went to the game and witnessed a truly exciting contest.....for those of you that missed....get your tickets for the next game!

Porter did seem to have raw talent and I wanted to see if he could use it. The passes he threw before today's game were more accurate than I thought they'd be, and today he demonstrated that he could improve rather than make any previous success he had here seem like a fluke. He also seemed to be have a quicker release, and he was 27/32 for an 84.4% completion percentage. And let's not forget that he can run with it when he finds a gap, as he had 42 rushing yards on 6 carries. He did fumble twice, but as he gains more experience, we'll likely see less of that.

It sure looks like keeping Porter rather than Chang was the right move. And maybe we're seeing why the team thought moving him up on depth chart was a good call?

He did look great...but it looks like they also put in a lot of shorter routes for him to throw quickly...one thing that Printers NEVER had.

I’m still a Printers fan, however, I’d start Porter next game. I’d keep starting him until he plays himself out of the job. He put on the Ticats best performance of the year. I’ve NEVER been a Williams supporter… EVER. IMO he is the one that should go. Not saying I don’t think he’s a good person… just not a good QB.

:D :D :D :D :D holy !@#$%

I have been following the Ticats since '53. Porter's first start at home was the most auspicious first start at home since Joe Zuger threw for over 400 yards and 8 eight TDs vs Saskatchewan in '62 in 3 quarters.

Porter can do everything, and well, that I have been looking for in a starting QB.

But my props to the whole team. Great team performance and win.

If QP keeps looking like this The No Fun league will be calling him home to ride the pines. :frowning:

Darn it Printers. What now? There is no room for error at the QB position in the CFL. Only 8 teams. Only 8 starting QB spots. All are taken and it looks like Porter just took this one.

Why does it always have to be about Printers and the hatred these fans have for him?

I watched him today... he was enjoying the teams success, talking with Porter and being a team guy... not like Bishop and Joseph were in Toronto.

We're going to need 2 QB's next year that can play, Perhaps Printers will be a backup? Perhaps he will spend the offseason trying to get better and will earn the stop when he gets here next year.... we dont know... regardless, dont overshadow a huge day by Porter with this Printers hate.

some people just cant stand to have their God put down :twisted: :slight_smile:

Some people cant stay on their own team's message boards.

some people have no sense of humour

Ive sat through the last 6 years... i have a great sense of humour, as I mentioned... just tired of everything always being about the starting QB, McManus, Maas and now Printers...

8) Indeed !! I was there to see Joe Zuger on his first start as a TiCat QB that day and I will never forget it !!
  Just a great game by Porter, but as you say, a great game by the whole team  !!!

 I feel sorry for those people who did not attend the game !!!  They missed one of the most exciting and entertaining games of the year in Hamilton  !!!!

well, you have a point there.

I said last week that I thought the D was mostly responsible for that mess, and today, they almost failed to keep it a win.

People really should stop worrying so much about the Qb, the RB, and even the O-line, and worry about the D more

Wow went on a Motorcycle poker run for the childrens hospital, first game I miss in years and this happens Damn! And no game on demand on TSN, yet anyway :frowning:

Great to see something for fans to cheer. Congrats to the whole organisation today. Hopefuly this is the start of something great.

You don't like Williams? Why? because he keeps the team in the game? Makes everyone around him look good? Makes plays?

Now, I didn't see the game, but by looking at the stats and listening to the game, that is one good game for Porter. But let's not get to high of expectations. Anyone remember Eakin? I also can pull up an example from just this year, Ryan Dinwiddie, I believe he threw for over 400 yards and was supposed to lead the Bombers but that did not happen.

One game does not make a quarterback, let's see him string together a couple in a row before he is proclaimed king. He is off to a good start, let's hope he can keep it up.

You kind of contradicted yourself.

I said play Porter until he plays himself out of the job... i.e. if he keeps playing this well... play him.

Williams had one decent game. THAT'S IT. His throws are weak, they wobble and he makes bad, bad, bad reads.

I still believe that it's Printers job... but for the rest of this year... play Porter.

Next year imagine Printers and Porter? A nice 1-2 punch.