42 points off 168 yards

Yikes! I think that says something about how well the defense played in spite of all the turnovers. I mean they could have packed it in early down 21-0 but they played hard until the end. I can't find any fault with them.

The offense played AWFUL! At least they were consistent :wink: You can't keep giving a team the ball on your half of the field and expect to compete in this league.

I think we made a mistake differing to the second half this game as well. We ended up going against the wind in the first quarter and having a setting sun shining right in the players eyes.

I hope they have a good week of practice and go in prepared against the Eskimos.

I agree! There's nothing bad you can really say about our Defence. They did their job which is to give the Offence the ball. Only problem is the offence gives BC the ball inside the Rider 30 numerous times. I believe we have an elite defence. Too bad our offence makes them look so bad. This defence is easily up their with BC. They just need an offence who can compliment their performance on a consistent level. The Rider D has never had that.

As far as the offence goes, the only guy who played well was Matt Dominguez. Everyone else has alot of work to do after their performance last night.

Special Teams was also not good. Ian Smart got huge returns on punts and kickoffs. Downfield coverage has to improve.

Let's see how they respond in Commonwealth.

You never really can complain about our defense. Keep up the good work Ritchie.

Oh, and is Kitwana Jones still playing on special teams or not. Because that guy use to fly down the feild on punts.

I dont think he is right now because of him being on the D Line a lot of the time

Sweet. Thanks. I kinda liked him on special teams, but i guess he's doing good on the line.

For how many years now has Ritchie been looked over as a head coach? This team's focus this year in free agency was the offence and yet Hall continues to put together an amazing d. He is crazy if he doesn't go anywhere else next year.

I think he is gonna be on ST after Jurineack is healthy again.

Riders D was pretty good against the Lions. They're always good against the Lions. If Joseph could have played like he did against the Stamps, Riders win.

Lions D happened to make the plays when needed and Lions had just enough offence to capitalize on the turnovers.

I didn't see this result as I picked the Riders to win and I'm pretty sure it will be alot tougher the next time these two teams play each other.

Good Luck next week against the Esks.

Thanks, and your right. The O just didn't show.