42 man Roster

Just noticed that the Game Day roster no longer needs to be submitted 48 hours in advance...it is now 1 hour. I thought it was a rather interesting change.

Yes for sure that's interesting and makes for quite a poker game considering also players that are alleged to be injured and so forth!

didn't look too deep. Not sure if they still have to be down to a 46 in advance.

These rules have flipped and flopped a few times over the years.

Well does anyone know the rule on the 46 then? It would seem to be more relevant if it is far enough in advance of the game.

If far enough ahead of the naming of the 42 only an hour before the game, the 46 list could be used also to disguise or shield any given player who might be questionable medically so as to keep the other team guessing.

On the day prior to game day, CFL rules dictate that each team must declare their 46 man roster. On game day 4 players are scratched leaving 42 players to dress; However, I think given teams have up to an hour to submit the final depth chart?

Ah ok, but at what time on the day prior to game day? 24-hour notice or is it at a certain time? Obviously the time can be important in particular if it is the day before a game in the West Division with a late start.

Likely similar to the NFL for depth charts; Unofficial D-chart I believe is out before/prior to the [24-hour window] Official D-chart.