41 pts. per game

:o I'm not trying to rub anything in, but I'm just wondering how a defence that was supposed to be one of the best in the league this year is allowing that many points per game. I've only seen one full rider game this year(today's game vs. cal), and it seems to me the most significant problem is missed tackles. The same problem that haunted the esks vs. win. last week. What are your thoughts on the rider defence?

The thought occured to me that they aren’t very good. Last Place.

i think that i was disgusted in how the fans were following the game. its fine to be disgusted with how your team played, yeah, but you dont belittle them. i was standing over the rider locker room doors on the west side of taylor field, i mean mosaic stadium, and retards were saying not so nice things to Danny Barrett.. I have absolutely no respect for ppl like that who call themselves fans. As for the D, 53 points is way too many. I agree Esks123 i think the missed tackles were a huge factor. But on the first touchdown Almondo Curry looked like he was trying to get a pick or something. he wasnt even close, and as a result, the riders were down by 7 18 seconds into the game. DISGUSTING!!!