41% of hockey fans will turn to football during lockout

Good news for projected football ratings..
A recent QMI Agency poll reveals that 41% of hockey fans will watch more football during the NHL lockout.

[b]During the lockout, I’ll watch more ...

Football 41% (4,747)

Junior hockey 35% (4,047)

AHL hockey 14% (1,543)

Soccer 6% (700)

Basketball 4% (477)[/b]

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Hockey/NHL/2012/09/29/20244441.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Hockey/NHL/20 ... 44441.html[/url]

But how often does the NHL go head to head with football? not much hockey on a Sunday afternoon and very few games that would go head head with Monday night football. NHL's big night was Saturday but football games are usually on Saturday afternoon. But they could mean NCAA football that has Saturday night games. The poll doesn't indicate whether it's NFL, NCAA or CFL.

I'm totally in for more Bikini Basketball or Lingerie Football.

It's a Sun online poll;

"A Sun Media online poll shows that fans are mad as hell ... and apparently not going to take it anymore. " not guaranteeing the most accurate results.

Funny how you posted that on a day when there is a Saturday night CFL double-header.

I think you missed the point. Yes, there is a double header in the CFL tonight, but it’s NOT Hockey season. It’s still September!!!

Hockey would normally start their Saturday night games at the end of October when the CFL season comes to an end and there is no conflict with the CFL.

Good gosh it was a joke. And you obviously did not look at the schedule before making your declaration that there is no direct conflict with the CFL. The NHL season was/is supposed to start in mid-October, not the end of October. On October 13 CBC is supposed to have an afternoon game plus the usual evening double-header. The afternoon game is in direct competition to a CFL game with start times an hour apart (worse yet both games are in Winnipeg!). There are also CFL games scheduled on October 20 and November 9 that are in direct conflict with hockey.

And you can't ignore regional hockey coverage from the equation either.

I'm "game" for that!

I'm familiar with the LFL but I've never heard of Bikini Baseball. I can't see that ever getting on American TV. They lost there minds over a 1 second shot of Janet Jackson's nipple, you could see a lot more than that on any given pitch. :wink:

If the Canucks and Lions are playing simultaneously I’ll watch the Lions game.

Really doesn’t bother me that the NHL is locked out, football gets more of my attention now.

I haven't watched an NHL game since the last lock out. I watch junior and international but can't stand the NHL. Bettman and the old boys club destroyed the game at the NHL level.

Who cares about the NHL, it's CFL football all the way.

I'd say a large majority of that 41% will tune into the NFL not the CFL in Ontario anyways