#41 Nick Kordic...wow

this guy was all over the field tonight making big hits and key tackles, he looks like he wants to make this team, and be a starter, thoughts?

I thought he missed a ton of tackles and was getting beaten on in the first and second quarter, but he seemed to pick it up during the 3rd and 4th.

I liked #40 (The Hulk) more.

wasn't that impressive, missed a sure sack got burnt on the 29 yard pass play to Arjei Franklin, turns his head he knocks down the pass.

He also missed the ball on the fumble, which winnipeg got back.

well I don't know for sure because I just watched the game on tv so I'm sure i missed some plays, but from what I saw he was always around the ball

That was Kordic who did not recover that fumble in the 2nd half? I did not hear who it was who should have receovered that, but I heard he tried to grab it and run with it when he should have just fallen on it.

I remember he did well in both preseason games last year and it was thought he might make the team. But he played his last year at UWO instead. And last year he was used as a DB, not as an LB. He might be good enough to give the team depth at LB though.

i thought he looked pretty bad out there, especially on pass coverage.

I also thought he looked awful tonight.

I thought he looked great.

He was all over the ball carriers. Yes, he got beat on a pass, but so does every defender.

Yes he was all over the field but he also missed a bunch of plays. A sack that would have made it 3rd down, a fumble recovery which would have given us the ball. Winnipeg recovered for a first down. He was lost in coverage and didn't track the ball well. He did make a couple nice tackles in the 4th Q but that is against 3rd team guys who are not going to make the team.

He was making plays all game, not just the 4th and it was noticed by others that were watching the game with me.

I agree. I liked Kordic last year and I like him this year. I think he's got lots of potential.

correct me if i'm wrong...but didn't Kordic cause a fumble on 3 and goal by winnipeg giving us the ball back and saving 6 points....in essense helping us win?

The game will be shown again tonight on Cable 14, so there's another oppurtunity to watch Kordic et al.

That was Glasper.

Kordic got steamrolled by a blocker almost every time the Bombers ran. He's a boy playing with men.

Almsot everytime?

Funny how he's listed on the TiCats.ca poll for star of the game with 8 tackles.

The only other defensive player listed is Glasper with 2 tackles and a forced fumble.

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/modules.php?op=modload&name=NS-Polls&file=index&pollID=78]http://www.ticats.ca/modules.php?op=mod ... &pollID=78[/url]

(How do you vote on that poll? Doesn't work for me)

Don’t cloud the issue with facts, CK. :wink:

Do you "knowledgable fans" realize that Kordic was responsible for a lot of those tackles because he let the guy he was responsible for coverging catch the ball in the first place, and he tackled them from behind?

thanks for the correction...my bad....

OK everybody, proceed with the Kordic bashing....I guess :oops: after all player bashing is so fashionable around here.