40th LDC game (Prairie Bowl)/Banjo Bowl

I think Winnipeg will win back to back becase when now have the guys that are the heart and soul of own team, Glenn and Stegail, and AJ3 is starting to spread his wings and fly. Westwood's Kicking and Punting game is good, and the team will come togerther for the win. On the other side of the ball, Saskatchewan's beaten a team that's a disater, and KJ has never beaten the Bombers before, and that will not chage now, they will prefrom great at home with Matt Dominque and KK, but will fall and later be blow out in Winnipeg. Look for stegail to finally break the record in WPG next week.

LDC(P bowl)
WPG: 27
SSk: 23

WPG: 39
SSK: 20


take out the wrong name and I'll vote

I think that with Glenn and Stegall just coming back after some time off, it'll take them a while to get back into form.... and if Joseph's not fully healed, then Butler will start and he won't have to worry cause he's still the backup, not very much pressure on him to perform.

You didn't give the option of a Home / Home Split which I would have chosen.

As much as i wanted to say that my riders would win them both i had to chose a split. I think the Riders will win the labor day game by about 10 b/c of the home field advantage and i think neither Milt or Glenn is 100% and it will take a while to get back into form. The second game will be a doosy with the game going either way IMO. It'll all depend on how Stegall and Glenn for WPG and if Joseph/Butler can either be healty enough (Joseph)/ do a good job against a decent defense (Butler)

Bombers 25-18 in LD game


Bombers 41- 38 in banjo bowl

Come on people. . . The Riders are flying high right now, but Danny is gonna keep them from being overconfident. If we can tell they beat a bad team, don't you think they would be able to tell as well?
Cover Stegall well, get him out of the game, and no one else will be able to step up for them. Because frankly, the Bomber receiving core sucks. Hard.
I doubt Glenn will be at 100%, plus he will be rusty for the first game. Rush the QB, get a couple good hits on him, and he'll be a non-factor.
The Rider offense, as long as it is firing on all cylinders, will have a good day against the defense (This is actually a complement to the bomber defence, as I think we have an amazing offence).
And as for Kerry having never beat the Bombers before. . . well he hadn't beat the Lions before this season as well, and now he's beat them twice.

Look for them to blow-out the classic, and carry that momentum into the Banjo Bowl for a close game.
Riders sweep the Bombers.

Riders flying high, they havn't played anybody since Aug 11, and they lost against the Esks. Im sorry but the Ticats havn't put an honest effort in, since they beat my Bombers and before that it was against the Stamps. The ticats lost last weeks game in the first quarter by turning the ball over a whole wack of times, then they just simply stopped playing. Beware Riders, after having a slack couple weeks, on Sunday night it will feel like a Tornado hit Taylor field..Go Bombers..

I'll be at both games and I'm certainly hoping for a Bomber sweep. I expect Winnipeg to struggle for the first half of the LDC but then Glenn will find his groove in the second half and squeak out a win. I believe that once Stegall and Glenn hit their respective strides we will start looking like a 5-2 team again, rather than a 5-5 team.

Agree Blue Dragon, she's going to be a great tilt on Sunday night. Charles Roberts is going to be jacked up for this one also, he will be a huge factor in the outcome of the game....The anticipation is getting me down..Go Bombers..

As much as I want the Bombers to win I can't help but think that the Riders will sweep this series.

Bombers haven't beaten a good team yet.

Thank you mods and ads for not editing the title of this thread, I gald that you didn't disagree with my compromise, I hope I spelled P correctly though, and thanks for fixing the poll.

I'm going to let someone else post the Battle of Alberta LDC.

One note on this game, it is a SELL-OUT, so expect 30 000 at this game. If the Riders win this one and show that they are going to take a serious run at 2nd, look for better crowds on the rest of their home dates.

can't wait to watch it tommorow, 30,000 (the minimum I believe a CFL stadium seating should be) at M stadium of Talyor Field gonna be CRAZY!!!!!!

Keep it mind there is easily close to 10,000 bomber fans at the stadium.

yeah, but dude, who gets to keep the money, and there is likly gonna be 10,000 Rider fans in WPG for the B Bowl, although we will be having 15,000 more people than Regina. :wink: