40K at Commonwealth

That seemed to be the question that everyone was asking would the battle for first place for the second week in a row for the ESKS this time at home. The Question was answered. Just like that and the rivalry Battle of Alberta is back on top. 40K on a thursday night in July is no small task.
Labor Day game in Calgary now being followed by a Saturday late afternoon will be much more likely to draw even more than the old Friday night game

40k is amazing, probably a CFL season record.

I was at some Eskimo games in the mid-2000's that drew over 55,000. In the 80's the Eskimos would sell out Commonwealth for a handful of games a season, that was when the capacity was at 65,000.

40,000 is nothing to an Eskimo fan, but it is still better than anything any other team could do, including the Roughriders.

Not even close.

Good read And thanks.
New Deal today is all games in bar on TV. NFL every Sunday plays games but no CFL games allowed as beer and food promo’s. Booming business. NFL makes it on TV Revenue. CFL on attendance.
REDUCE prices and sell beer and wine for $5 . AND have WASHROOMS and more than one beer at a time. Wife loves half time shows so I get beer one at a time and no washrooms, 30 minute trip
Get real and server your customers like bars do. Cheers