"401" Tilt?

sub headline in the spec.."Ticats won't let Toronto use injuries as excuse in tonights 401 tilt"..Did Hamilton move on the map,last time I checked we were btwn the 403 and Qew
way to go Ken Peter..401!? :roll:

Ill bet he doesn't even know the number for "911". :lol:

Maybe it was a "typo" and they meant to make a score prediction in favour of the Ticats:

"Ticats won't let Toronto use injuries as excuse in tonights 40-1 tilt"


Actually, I've heard that the Tigercats are moving to London.

more details to follow

From who? McMahon?

The other day, Peters kept referring to it as a "403 matchup."

He must either be geographically-challenged or
thinks 403 has some hidden aliterative meaning.

Because unless something has happened with the highway numbering since I was there two weeks ago, The QEW/Gardiner takes you from Hamilton to Tor.

The 403 is accessed by the QEW and will take you north to the 401.

Now, I know why people roll their eyes when he gets too "cute" in his columns.

Maybe Ken just doesn't know how to spell Q.E.W.

Actually Steve, the 403 does go into Hamilton. Technically the QEW between Oakville and Burlington is also the 403. At the junction in Burlington, the QEW goes south, over the skyway and back East towards Niagara Falls, and the 403 goes through Hamilton and on out west towards Brantford.

I've never been able to find the 11 key on my phone. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I always thought it was only Newfies who had that problem.

This guy Peters sounds as if he should be from Toronto. Toronto residents consider the 401 as their main thoroughfare through town.
They also think that anything north of Hwy 7 is "up North". You don't have to be misguided to live in T.O., but it sure helps.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact I live in an area where all the "Newfies" migrate to.