40 year old Quarterback on pace for 6000 yards

Was looking at AC's stats and he's on pace to have his best season ever. No matter what anyone thinks of Anthony we are really watching a once in a lifetime exploit here.

From cfl.ca stats page:

PASSING Most Passing Yards, Season 6,619 Doug Flutie BC 1991 6,041 Anthony Calvillo Mtl 2004 6,225 Kent Austin Ssk 1992 6,023 David Archer Sac 1993 6,092 Doug Flutie Cgy 1993 5,945 Doug Flutie Cgy 1992
Actually 6 times in a lifetime.

He's "on pace" for a good season all right. Maybe you should wait until he actually accomplishes it before you come onto the Ticats forum & try to rub it in. :roll:

nearly forgot about David Archer.
he had over 6,000 yds and 35 TD's in his first CFL season (after a decent NFL career) and a few more successful years thereafter in this league.
A shame he didn't make it to the CFL until 31+ years of age, or he may have had a CFHOF career.

I didn't realize Calvillo still played for Hamilton.

Once in a lifetime for a 40 year old (just as the thread title says)

I don't think he's rubbing anything in.

This is a great story. We are witnessing one of, if not the, greatest QB in CFL history. I think the point is to acknowledge and appreciate this terrific QB and person while he's still playing in the CFL.

That's what future members of the Hall Of Fame do,play well,nothing wrong pointing it out.

point it out on the Als board then, we dont care :wink:

8) I sure wish he still did !!! We probably could have had a couple more Grey Cups if he was still here !!!

Since it's a league record, it should be posted in the cfl talk section. He put it here & not there because he likes to grind the gears of Ticat fans.

They weren't 40 years old.

Actually that's where I wanted to post it, my mistakes not trying to grind you guys. Not sure why that would grind you but again my apology.

I don't need an apology. You weren't grinding my gears. Thanks for posting.