40% Chance of thunder-showers for labourday

Bring your garbage bags! :rockin:

...or yellow rain poncho at Dollarama for a loonie.


It's just rain if it happens, not like we don't know what that is this year or anything. :wink:

Yes but if theres lightning doesnt everyone pile into the concession area?

Then I'm changing my attendance prediction to 19,000!

Hamiltonians don't like to get wet for some reason.

LOL.. so 10,000 people are gonna stay home... I don't think so!

it will not rain..... :thup:

True, Hamiltonians are wimps big time compared with the heart of the CFL Rider fans, I will agree with that, southern Ontario fans in general are wimps compared with our western counterparts. Agree?

I don't know Earl. We have to be tough skinned for putting up with the last three years. All I know is umbrellas are for the beach, pouffy ladies, and daper secret agents named Steed. They have absolutely no business in football stadiums. As for the rain itself - bring it on. We won last time.

It's not gonna rain...suck it up!

Please don't bring a Golf Umbrella to the Game..

It's now 60%

But the good thing about getting rained on is you will dry. You wont melt, unless you are the wicked witch of the west.

It's all in how you look at things, a 60% chance of rain means a 40% chance of perfect football weather.
I'll plan my day based on the 40%.

There’s a 40% chance of a blizzard? In September? :?

yes they did for the Edmonton game!! 19,000 in the rain!

I would ban umbrellas, they are banned from outdoor concerts in most cities.

That game didn't have 29,000 plus pre-sold tickets, it can rain as much as it wants today and the attendance won't drop below 29,000 paid. Actual in the stadium not less than 25,000.

Up to 60% now, I think ill bring a garbage bag to sit on so my arse doesnt get wet. :lol:


Durring the Game they may be :lol: