This is coming from eastern Canada and a guy from Toronto who is envious of Edmonton, the best damn sports city around.
I had the pleasure three years ago to take in a football game at Commonwealth. It was amazing, the stadium, ambience and overall experience was second to none.
Not only because of the support and big crowd yesterday, the people of Edmonton support their Esks and Oilers like no others.
Whenever this discussion comes up, I trumpet the beautiful city of Edmonton as the best.
Take a bow folks, you deserve it.

Your name isnt John Ferguson Jr is it???

And are you trying to get in Kevin Lowes good books before you rob them of Chris Pronger.


hell of a crowd...they love their football.....

yeah, i've always been impressed with the Eskimo fan base.

......a great city with great fans.....and this coming from a rival.....my son and I have to get to the Labour Day rematch this year.....RNsrrrrrrrr can be our ambassador for the day!!........