40-37 Awesome CFL game

Sometimes you have to put your team loyalties aside and tip your hat to two teams who played great football. Tonight's game was awesome entertainment!!!!!!!!!! Both quarterbacks played great football. Hats off to Calgary winning on the road and to Montreal for such entertaining offence. Wow!!! Are we lucky having this great football calibre in our country!!

CFL rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree - great game. Hats off to both teams (and their respective fans!). Hmmm. . to all those naysayers, perhaps it's time to recognize that Calgary may, in fact, be the real deal?? :slight_smile:

Evevey one has to beat ..........B.C.......................what a game.

I wished I could have seen it! I talkl to my RA tommorow and ask to get channles that get the CFL. But from what I saw on the play by play, this was another great one for the books! too bad it didn’t go into OT. :cry:

Totally agree. Totally awsome game. Down to the wire. Almost as exciting as the Montreal Ottawa game :wink: Maybe thats a good reason that Montreal sells out all its games. Besides having the smallest stadium in the league. They play exciting football game in and game out. Gotta love it.

don't forget the MONTREAL vs. EDMONTON game , as well.

.......amazing offense on both sides, Stala, Lewis, Edwards, Burris.......and many others........that was exciting football.......I think my wife's cats have gone into hiding in the basement........tip of the stetson to Le Alouette for a hard fought game.......

A very entertaining game.

...Man that kicker from Calgary is good!!!

Great game caught the last 1/4 , very entertaining.... Montreal should not hang there heads over this loss, it was anyones game.

Burris is in Gear, if he he continues, Calgary will be the team to watch.

Hey, I watched the second half. It was so good it had me groaning and talking to the tv. pissed me off that the Calgary D missed so many tackles in the 4th quarter - almost cost them. And such a small thing as a hand up in the air by a lineman on the Als last drive was a beauty and such a big thing in the game. The final drive by Calgary was tense because I didn't think they would do it.

Go Stamps Go.

Every dog has their day.Great game.

This was a good one for sure and watched to the very end, it is amazing when I switched between this game and the Saints-Pats exhibition game, just how slow that game seemed compared with the Stamps-Als game. Didn't watch it when Flutie was playing though. There is just too much dead time between plays in the NFL, I have no idea why they don't go to 20 seconds like here, I just don't understand this.

Also, enjoy your kicker for now Stamps fans, this guy is off to the NFL shortly.

I didnt watch the game but i watched the recaps...it looks like i miss one of the greatest football game of the season...
The Als loss :frowning: ...should bounce back in the next game! :smiley:

Waaaaa :cry: :cry: :cry:

I was in transit driving down to the coast last night. Missed it! Sounds like I missed a good one. Hopefully tonights clash will be a good one. Cheatwood should help the Ti-Cats tonight.

Nice going Stamps (and Als)

Montreal doesn't look at all the same this year as they have in the past.

Their offense still looks similar, but their defense is a sieve!

Do you think The Al’s miss Barron Miles and Davis Sanchez?

What an unbelievable game. Stamps finally showing what they can do but can they stay consistent with Burris at the helm. I was thoroughly entertained by this game. If Stamps continue to play like this, they'll be in the playoffs for sure.


Thanks again for the kicker! LOL

I haven't seen Third today....Is he still hungover?