40,343 for Casey Printers Go Home night Saturday!

This statment is from firstdown45

40,343 for Casey Printers Go Home night Saturday!lets do it

Oh my lord, is he crazy , i think the lions will be lucky to hit 33,000 for this game game against hamilton.

shut up you are so frickin anoying

hey some people like to see threads like this if you dont like dont read

no one likes to see threads like this. All this guy ever seems to care about is how many people are going to the game. We don't need an attendence thread for every game.

Just like clockwork, I come to the BC Lion Forum....Another attendance thread.

Lets see if I can predict the next 5 days of posting :roll:

Tuesdays post 32,000 rah rah can we get 35,000 ?

Wednesdays post: Rick Dhaliwahl says ticket sales is.....

Thursday : What a bunch of pathertic Lion fans, Im going to watch go and watch the Sea Hawks.

Friday : Wow, the weather forecast is sunshine, that will scare people away.

Saturday morning : Canucks have a press conference, that will keep 5,000 people home.

There, I think I've predicted everything in this weeks attendance thread. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Just like an alarm clock. Kind of knew this was comming :roll:

Oh by the way mods, please CONTINUE to do a great job of merging everything that looks like an attendance thread together. You do a GREAT job on a weekly basis in this department! :thup:

I do enjoy these threads but i do agree when it comes to some of the opinions about BC Lions fans hearts when a certain amount don't show up or so on.

I do think however with the Lions success and if any of them remembers Casey Printers, and wants to see Jesse Lumsden they might actually come out in droves. Again anything over 32,000 would be sweet for a Hamilton game. Considering in 2002 we'd maybe get 20,000.

Either way, Roar you lions roar.