40,194 Saturday night will beat the record. Can we do it?

If we can hit 40,194 Saturday night, the Lions will have their biggest regular season crowd since 1991.

That will make my NOISE! sign more effective. I hope they show my sign on TSN.

Are we competeing against the Canucks again? If not, then your number might be reachable. There will be a lot of Rider fans for that game as well.

Should be a good atmosphere. I'll be making the "trek" down to visit my son and take in the game.

Canucks are playing in Calgary on Saturday...thank god.

one win in last 6? against the worst team in the west, yeah, id rather watch the canucks too.

Guess that's why you're watching the Esks instead of the Oilers.

the canucks play away from GM Place so we wont have any competition on Saturday

Your right but we went 11-0 but as soon as dickenson went we went down the tubes and then casey came in and got 1 good game. Im noy trying to say that casey sucks but he could do a lot better, if dickenson plays then we might get our act together.

Dumb, undisciplined penalties cost us last game in Edmonton. It wasn't Printers fault. Guys like Simon have to smile and walk away when getting taunted by Brady in stead of cuffing him on the side of the head.

Not only that, but IMO, Printers had 3 good games. Montreal, 2nd Bomber game, and the Edmonton game. It was the defense that lost the games in the last 40 seconds against both Montreal and Edmonton...not Casey.

The other two games that we lost were partially due to CP's lack of confidence in his arm, and the rust from not playing for so long.

CP is a damn good QB, and I would be pissed if we lost him.

over 40,000 would be nice…but with upper deck tickets costing so much it probably isn’t going to happen…hey, i got my 7-11 tickets and am ready to roar!!!

Heard on Team 1040 that over 37,000 tickets sold as of this afternoon.

I wonder if the game is going to be blacked out...