40,000 Guaranteed at the dome.

I am going on the hook as an Argo season ticket holder of many years and with this East Final match up, surprisingly not seen since 1986, that not only will Toronto wake up but the Hammer will likely bring in upward of 15k.
So we have to have 40k plus, in a city known for attending only a big "event"?

I would think that they would be able to get 40,000 for the game! Any word on if the Argos are going to open the 500 level for the game? Any crowd less then 40,000 for this game would be very disappointing especially for any new potential owner to the team!

Anything less would be embarrassing for the league and both franchises. 50 k should be realistic , I'm hoping ! Lets go Southern Ontario :smiley:

i've got 4 tickets. bringing 2 newbees. should be good times with a great atmosphere.


The funny and ironic thing about this match-up is it will be the 1rst time in the history of sports that a team will have home field advantage without actually playing on a real home field for two games in a row in the play-offs(Guelph-our temporary adopted home)and the Rogers(our home away from home).Don’t worry about the attendance ArgoT !!! We will make sure you have a packed house next Sunday,the Rogers will be a sea of Black and Gold and if your lucky,we might even leave a few seats open for the Ar@@ fans who decide to show up at the newly named EAT EM RAWger Centre

:D :D :D :D :D :D :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Ti-Cats Home away from Home…The "EAT EM RAW"gers Centre!!! :cowboy:

Where is that puke statue of old man Rogers in this photo?

Here it is......the Rogers statue!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :cowboy:

MIght be the last time we see an EDF between these two teams at the old girl RC before the Argos move into more gridiron specific digs so it might be a fun time at the old dome.

Re : "with a great atmosphere"

At the RC? Don't make any promises (to the newbees) that you can't keep. :wink:

Southern Ontario : prove that you love the CFL MORE!!! :thup:

Don't worry about the attendance ArgoT !!!! We will make sure you have a packed house next Sunday,the Rogers will be a sea of Black and Gold and if your lucky,we might even leave a few seats open for the Ar@@ fans who decide to show up at the newly named EAT EM RAWger Centre :D :D :D :D :D :D :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:
No doubt. Will there be any advertising besides Facebook? You wouldn't have to do much. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRA-TIBmkEY

UMMMMM... Isn't HAMILTON CLOSER TO BUFFALO ... :roll: :lol: :wink:

Ever since we clinched, there has been advertising for the game and to purchase tickets in the Toronto Sun, whose support has been unbelievable with multi pages.

with a large crowd divided down the middle and two teams that have had 2 of 3 games come down to the final play of the game....yeah, i'm thinking the atmosphere will be great.

i'm not promising the sightlines will be...haha

Bought 8 tickets in section 134b - just above the middle sections, I think the view will be ok, avoided being too low.

The ticket rep I spoke with said that the Argo's side was selling out fast, so sounds like if someone is on the fence about going they better make up their mind.

That being said, I don't think 40k will happen and they keep the 500 level closed. When I was choosing tickets on Ticketmaster, only a few sections had limited availability. There are TONS of tickets still, even with the site being over loaded due to demand supposedly.

I think the rep was just trying to put pressure on buying by saying it was selling out fast.

If you call and say you are a Ticat fan you can get silvers for $47.40 INCLUDING tax. Really not a bad deal if you ask me.

They are also very accommodating about splitting groups up into two rows, we did 4 & 4 , so we could all talk etc.

Hope that even the Rogers haters can support this game, but I also understand hatred is a hard thing to over come, just too bad its at the expense of the CFL.

In fairness it is still early in the week.
With the two lower bowls at around 33k capacity, yes the 500 has to be opened up to get our objective.

How do you know that.? If that is true , that is awesome :thup:

to clairify argotom's point, you can't fit 40,000 into the skydome without opening the 500 level.
if the argos sell all 33K tickets for the 100 and 200 levels and wish to sell more, they have to open the 500 level.
i'd imagine it will depend on demand.
if there is only demand for 34K, then i doubt they open the 500 level.
if there is demand for 40K, then they would be stupid not to.

I think you will be able to guarantee a great atmosphere to the game even with the incompetent CEO and his staff of the Argos working the game. Two teams that can score a lot of points and are evenly matched together should make for a great game to watch, and with all the ticat fans coming to the game as well I would think people of toronto would start to show more interest to the game as we get closer to Sunday!

Let me guess? Are there no BILLS fans in , HAMILTON? Many ARGOS fans have not only have brought some of their tickets to this game already but it took HAMILTON winning the semi finals to get them [you] to come. Look in your own back yard before you throwing stones , please.

2012 Eastern SEMI FINAL , 38,000+ , at the R.C. :wink:
100th GREY in , Toronto = sold out with 80% of the tickets sold to Southern Ontario market.
The 1996 Grey Cup in HAMILTON = The worst G.C. attendance in 20 years.
O.K. so the ARGOS where in it but REAL CFL fans show up to the G.C. no matter WHO is in it in their home town. TRUE?

Are you going to the game? :wink: