40,000 for Saturday; 40,557 will make biggest in 13 years

They had those in the early 90's. (the goal posts were also painted orange).

Oh we did give them credit back then and but since then they have turned to the dark side . And now Tillman has really proven himself to be a Pissant . We credited Dave Ritchie much more than Tillman however . Tillman hired Dave, who was the one who went on to build the GC winner IMO .
BTW , do you remember how much you and Rider nation hated Austin back then . The guy got jeered big time when he went back to Taylor field , kinda like that Burris $ucks thing .

So really BC should be officially called Canada's team . First time all Canada cheered for one CFL team. I know the following year it was the Stamps , but they LOST THE ONLY GREY CUP TO THE AMERICANS!!
Now that's got a nice ring to it BC LIONS - CANADA"S TEAM !!

That's got to be an error , just can't see that happening .I sure don't remember that .

Yah Ritchie deserves the credit in my eyes.

So what was the final attendance....37K and change....I wonder why BC team leading the league can't do more....it really is shame....

That question has been answered many times in the Lions forum here. 37000 is a good showing considering all the other option in and around Vancouver for your entertainment dollar. I dont see how that is a shame at all, lions have consistently drawn fairly well this season.

Mike , remember the no trolling in other teams forum rule.

Just taking lessons from you pennw...

No seriously you have to ask yourselves, why don't the lions draw better. Every city in the league can argue the entertainment dollar. When you look at the local population base why can't you draw more fans consistantly to the games.

Because we still have all those Canuck fans that think Lord Stanley is comming..... :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

We're inching back in attendance Mike. High School football is increasing in the Province, Community Football is increasing in the Province. This combined with more community interaction by the team is BUILDING more hard core fans. Its a slow recovery, but its getting better.

Thank you sportsmen, a fair and honest answer, I think you see that across the board in all cfl cities…regular coverage in the news of grassroots football, high school football and unversity and junior football…

Mike, I remember the media in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba supporting their local teams (Pro & Amateur) when I travelled during the 90's for work.

We lost a whole generation of football fans during the Pezzim years. It was a joke! Ackles is slowly building us back to respectabillity. The Province Newspaper gives the Lions good coverage, especially on Wednesdays with their big pull out section. Also in that Wednesday section, they give great coverages of the other teams in the league as well.

We're getting there, slowly, one person at a time!

I can’t speak for Alberta, but in Sask and Manitoba, they are doing allot more coverage then what they did in the 90s. With regular 6:00 or 11:00 reports of high school sports in general it is a good thing. Plus better internet sites to follow the local teams.

It's an error. The Lions finished 10-8 in 1995.


I think we're going to have a bigger crowd Saturday than last game vs. Edmonton's 37,000. Already selling high up in the corner.

Toronto drew over 40,000 for their last home game so let's do it here too! Edmonton drew over 40,000 for their game vs. Sask and they are out.

As for the Western Final, they're now selling into the nosebleeds in the Uppers on both sides, so the West End Zone is next to go, and those are all $ 29

they opened the visitors side level four, got a couple of good seats in sec 41!!! there will alot of people there this game, probably over 40,000!!!

let's go lions!!!

Sec 41 is the Home side; Sec 14 would be the Visitors side

Sec 41 has been open all season

i guess the ticket agent...and i, don't know the sections that well...

ANYWAYS, i forecast a near complete sell out at BC place during the WF. Gonna be louder than ever before mwhaahahahha.

Ackles just said they've sold around 35,000 and the West End Zone will be opened at 40,000.

Last year on November 1 the tally was 28,000, so we're ahead. The Final last year was on November 12 and this year's WF is November 18 so we're even more ahead in that respect.

but we have to keep up the momentum.....