40,000 for Saturday; 40,557 will make biggest in 13 years

We could get close to 40,000 for Saturday. One third of the Upper Deck Sec 36-54 is selling.

If we hit 40,557 on Saturday, it will be the largest regular season crowd since 1994.

This is 115,000 in Mexico City's Azteca Stadium before the roof was put on:

I agree 120db, i remember that game in 1994 it was loui night and of couse there was a strike in the nhl and it was the last game of the season against calgary we lost by only 2 points we ended up that year 9-9, and to go on to win the grey cup.

Did the power go off that game?

Back in 1994. Those 2 guys you hate now. Austin and Tillman. Starting qb for Lions and gm. Thought you won 10. May be wrong. Beat Calgary I think. Then beat Baltimore. Remember that Cup? All of Canada for BC. Amazing game. They beat those damn Americans and Don Matthews. Maybe best Grey Cup ever.

Have there been any recent reports were sales were at? I know tix have been moving well but I thought they were predicting 36K not 40K.

i heard the prediction of 36,000 on tuesday fron NW but nothing since then.

they always seem to keep it hush hush for some reason i think if you listen to dawliwal tom around 12;00pm you might here what they are know expecting.

But who's counting?

They won 11? Are you sure? It that is true. Just another example of Lions fans who don't want to give credit to Austin and Tillman. Hope your right about 11. If you are that is too funny. A grey cup after winning 11 for them.

They have all kinds of useful stuff on this site.

Try this: http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=stan ... _year=2007

Anyway, 11 wins, but only good enough for 3rd...but a Grey Cup.

that 1994 Season Finale vs. Calgary where there was 40,556, was that a Lui night? What specifically? Was it his retirement, I forget, cause he played afterwards. What night was that? I believe we're talking about two different occasions here.

Tillman decided to do a Lui tribute night even though he hadn't announced anything about retiring. They gave him a gift at halftime and there was a Lions hat giveaway for the that night with Lui's signature on it.

It was the final home of the ’94 season and the NHL lockout helped greatly too.

Did the power go out that night?

Does this mean that the blackout will be lifted?

NO TV, so go to the game and make some bludie noise

Im in Kelowna kind of tough went to the Calgary one this year though.

over 36,000 sold as of yesturday at noon.

Reported by CKNW Jim Mullin.

i say we will get 38,000 way to go British Columbia.

This will be the biggest crowd since 2005
the last game of the year against Sask.

More Upper sections just opened up this morning, now Sec 3 going

Can anyone tell me why the lions only played 17 games in the 1995 season or is that incorect?

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=standings&func=view&user_year=1995]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=stan ... _year=1995[/url]

I had to wait to get tickets today and i am like is ss in section 54....i'm guessing easily 40,000+...

I still think 41,000 is possible for the Calgary game

instead of that stupid ferry horn we need a cannon and fireworks exploding out of the tops of the uprights