40,000+ for preseason game?

The title may sound ridiculous but consider this:

  • we have over 20,000 season ticket holders, I think it is fair to say that most of them will either attend the game or give their tickets to someone

  • each season ticket holder receives one voucher for a free Bronze seat at the preseason game (i.e. there are over 20,000 vouchers)

  • neglecting other promotions, additional free seats to those involved with group sales, and any walk-ups, there are over 40,000 potential ticket holders. Wouldn't that be awesome to start the season with 40K!!

I know, 40,000 is unlikely, and they probably wouldn't open additional upper deck seating to accommodate everyone. But still, it doesn't hurt to dream/try. Season ticket holders: get those vouchers into the hands of friends!

Usually they give away a bunch of Freebies to Amateur Football. I would expect they’ll do the same this year.

40,000 seems pretty excessive for a pre-season game though…

40,000 would be great for a regular season game and is a lot more likely. I can't figure out for the life of me why the Lions don't do what they do in both Montreal and Edmonton and take 1 game from the regular season schedule and try to get as many fans into then stadium as possible through whatever crazy scheme they can come up with. Edmonton gives coupons to students and the Montreal Expos used to have dollar hot dogs.

I say The Lions should give buy 1 get 1 coupons to students and minor football teams and offer cheap hot dogs (and beer for the adults). I think that would draw even more than 40,000.

I guess my point was that between season tickets and vouchers there are already 40K+ people who have paid all they would need to to attend the preseason game. I know, not all the vouchers get redeemed and 40K people won't show up...

My son phoned to tell me that his kid (My grandson) is getting free tickets for the exhibition game. As in previous years, Minor Football gets a big donation from the Lions.


Even though I have season's tickets for the Lions, I won't be able to make the preseason game since I live in N. Alberta now but I will be making it there for games this season

I just redeemed my vouchers today and the only 2 seats together for my guests are 10 sections away from my seats! I couldn't believe it. The Lions office said a lot of people are redeeming the coupons.
I don't think there will be 40 000 but I've never had this happen before.

You should talk to the Lions office - I think they can arrange to have your tickets donated to kids who would otherwise not get to go. Might as well have someone use them if you're not able to.

I think there is not to many sold as ticket master has lots around centure field, i say there will be 22.000 to 25.000 some what around there.

Mr Big - I did give it some thought on calling the Lions office but I do have partner that use my tickets.

Just heard heard on nw that there is only 20.000 sold for tonights game.

Not sure where they got that number... correct me if I'm wrong but I thought they had already sold 21K season tickets at the end of May and were hoping to be at 23K by now. My guess is the vouchers and give-aways do not factor into the "sold" ticket category. My estimate is for 26K at tonight's game.

Probably somewhere around 25K in my opinion(which is a decent sized pre-season crowd)

the attendance was 25,320 which is still great for a preseason game