4 Ticats a little lighter in the pocket book

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League announced sixplayers were fined after Week 16 action on Thursday.
Hamilton Tiger-Cats Brandon Banks and Jumal Rolle were fined for their participation in a pre-game altercation with opposition players prior to Saturday’s game against the BC Lions.
Hamilton Tiger-Cats defensive lineman Ted Laurent was fined for kicking BC Lions offensive lineman Peter Godber.
Hamilton Tiger-Cats defensive back Frankie Williams was fined for an inappropriate gesture following the conclusion of play #85 against the BC Lions.

Were any BC lions fined for being absolute imbecils; or is the league being anti Hamilton again?

We should have a Gofundme campaign for these fines.

I’ve never been more prouder to be a cats fan and a Hamiltonian then I was last Saturday!

I’d donate. Good on them. Chippy play and it shows they bleed Black and Gold

Setting up a Go Fund Me is a great idea the more I think about it. It’ll show them that we care and respect them. And will likely add to their desire to resign.

Does anyone know how?

might be doing those truly in need of GoFundMe a disservice

Not fond of what the lions did although it seems like too much made of it.

They partially got what they wanted in making a few ticats lose it, but in the end it backfired into a well deserved whipping.

There is not rule against being an imbecile.

But the league absolutely must clamp down on "inappropriate gestures." Someone's feelings could get hurt.

You can’t tell me the BC Lions are completely innocent and the Cats are completely guilty. I think there’s more to the story that is not being revealed.

Is the rest of the story Braley and Buono?

I would think helping the ex Ticats TV girl battling cancer would be a much more worthwhile donation.

3 Down Nation has a story about her battle.

You can read about her here:

Donate here:

Thanks guys for the link. I would donate to both causes.

There is no rule that would preclude donating to one over the other.

  1. Are you really serious with what you are suggesting ??

Yeah, I guess you really are or you wouldn't have even said it......Unreal !!! ::slight_smile:

When someone like the ex TV host of the TiCats really needs something like this because of
her medical condition, it boggles my mind that someone would suggest giving money to players
to pay their fines with :-[ ::slight_smile:

That would never happen

First, I didn't know about said medical condition, so pump the brakes.

Second, sending money to one cause doesn't detract from another. There's not a limited amount of money that gets divided amongst all the different things being funded.

Third, yeah. They played a hard against a team that was disrespectful to the team and us. They stepped up and it'd be nice to be able to show appreciation.

So budgets aren't a thing, and money really does grow on trees? Interesting...

Well I hope this doesn't keep you awake tonight, because clearly it's a huge deal. So go ahead and set up a war room to plan out your argument over this dramatically important crisis you've latched yourself onto.

I'm going to bed

My feeling is that people should be allowed to spend their own money where they choose, be it Timmy’s, the Beer Store, a family dealing with health issues, or some football brawlers.

Me deciding where you must, or should, be spending your money, or me spending your money on your behalf is how a particular party was recently defeated.

Just an opinion.

I've got a whack of empties sitting on my porch if that will help . :smiley:

Why try to reframe the conversation instead of just admitting you were wrong? Too embarrassed? I would be too, if I'd said something as stupid as "there's no such thing as economic scarcity."

  1. How right you are safetyblitz !! Some people will never admit when they are wrong, they just
    go to bed to avoid embarrassment :-[ :-[