4 th meeting of the year????????

Im sorry but were all wondering why teams have such poor records, possibly because of this really stupid schedual. Winnepeg and Hammilton meeting for the 4 th time by week 7 incredible. Who is the person who came up with this. I myself complained when I thought calgary had an easy start but 4 weeks in they have hit their stride and handed the riders there butts. But really 4 games in 7 weeks this is insane.

jm02 will enjoy reading the above post.

If you count pre-season, it's 5.
I know it's a small league, but it seems very dumb scheduling.

4 ou of 7 in football? That unheard of in any sport.

If you're going by games, 4 of 7 is frequent in baseball...:wink:

Good point, but is that a sport :smiley:
LOL I kid.

Some must have the impression that schedules are drawn up by one person in complete isolation in a closet. Many parties are involved in developing a schedule and manyfactors go into developing a schedule, not the least of which are when TSN wants a game, availability of stadiums, "must have" games (e.g. Labour Day and rematches), team preferences for night or afternoon games, other traditions (e.g. which having the two GC teams of previous year kick of the season the next year is becoming), etc., etc.

If anyone thinks the league either wanted it this way or didn't notice the compression (esp. the two teams involved, which are both members of the league and input into the scheduling process), you have to be nuts. I bet that it ended up this way because there was no better alternative ... of which I am sure they explored many.

If you think the sked is effed up, go look at this site's power rankings... :?

I'll bet. . . guess "prider" doesn't take much pride in his English skills. Nor should he. . .

The schedule is horrible so far this year. Cats and Bombers played 5 games out of a possible 8 weeks! The Lions just played host to the Stamps last week and then do the same a couple of weeks. Honestly, back to back home games against the same team? In football, that should never happen. I know with only 8 teams the schedule becomes a challenge, but this is ridiculous. This is but yet another reason why Ottawa can't come online soon enough and further expansion is needed.

Good post legalbeagle. :thup:

seems pretty bush league to have such an important series be over in week 7.

4 games in 7 weeks? too much. im sure u wont see that happen ever again. has it happened in the past?

something to look into. if not, why start this year. dont give me this tsn said this, stadium availability that.. man, its not like every week theres something going on at canad inns or IW stadium. Its a bs schedule, said it even b4 the season, it kinda favors the team who did best last season. That was hamilton, not much turnover there. Bombers have alot of turnover after the mike kelly gong show of last year.

it is what it is tho but ill bet it doesnt happen ever again.

Ah, there it is. The dork award has been awarded.

it is bush league. 4 games in 7 weeks, 5 in 8 if u count pre season, thats bush league and then some. dork award? thanks.. i suppose u are the one who is giving it out so i guess im taking it off of your hands? or was it given to you at an earlier time?

Did you read my earlier post? Do you have a rational response to it or is the best you can do is say "it is bush league"?