4 quarterbacks

With the roster tentatively set for game 1 , and with 4 quarterbacks on the roster.... do the Cats use Butler or Williams as a trade option at this point?

wonder if butler gets moved? possibly winnipeg?

where do we need help in return?

I believe Butler will be used as traid bait...

i think chang is comfortably the #2 now and butler will prob go sooner than later.

Receiver, obviously. I know Thyron can help. French is a question mark in my mind. We need another guy in the mix, IMO.

Oski Wee Wee,

C'mon, every team in the league has their own guys like Butler and Williams. Why do you think they'd generate any trade interest? If they're marginal QBs on a team coming off a 4-14 season, why would any other team want them?

An Argo-Cat fan

BUTLER has several years of CFL experience and it
is hard to find a QB with that to use as a backup.
If montreal grabed BANKS, That proves a QB like
Butler can be traded. Maybe we can grab a good
receiver out of the deal..