4 preseason games and 16 regular season games

The first two weeks of the regular season in the CFL are awful and always have been . Even if the games are close , doesn't mean well played . The rookies are simply not ready after a few quarters of pre season football and no player is close to shaking all the rust loose. A 16 game regular season would make every game life and death . Fans get bored of seeing the same team 4 or 5 times in a season. A 9 team league doesn't need a 18 game regular season .

18 will be a perfect number of games for a ten team league.

Home-Away round robins all around. You wouldn't even need divisions. Top 6 teams, period.

I'm sure TSN would love that, would be terrible for ratings, you can't drop 2 regular season games. How about 4 pre-season games and 18 regular season games.
Is it a stretch to make these guys play another 2 games a year?

Yeah. Maybe we should renegotiate the CBA. That wouldn't be difficult. :roll:

Yeah something needs to be done. Week 1 games are usually pretty horrible, although there are a few exceptions. It's too bad they can't add another preseason game until the next CBA. I'd even be happy with them just extending training camp by a week.

The NFL is pushing for a 2 game pre-season and an 18 game regular season.
Maybe the CFL should be pushing for some better coaching and make sure the guys ready by the 1st game.

[url=http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000251026/article/roger-goodell-discusses-nfls-season-structure-player-safety]http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap200000 ... yer-safety[/url]

How about this which I have been pitching for years.
The same amount of 18 games, that won't change.
We will have 3 pre season games, the same as current home and away.
But here is the key, the 3 rd game is for the league to promote and for each team to do likewise in their respective territorial regions.
I think next year Edmonton is up at Fort McMurray if I recall for their only home game.
My proposal would be for each team or the league for example having a neutral site game(10th team potential?) like in at Halifax, Moncton, Quebec City etc.
Winnipeg as a another example could be in the Hat one year, how about the neutral combo of Dryden/Kenora/Fort Frances, all are in Ontario but close to Manitoba.
BC could rotate to many locations such as Victoria, Kamloops, etc.
The costs could be offset by city sponsors, TV, the league and each team.
Well you get the picture.

Good idea, argotom. Might be too expensive (to get big rosters to places like Fort McMurray, etc.) but I like the concept.

So to account for the extra preseason game I'm assuming you suggest they start training camps sooner rather than push the Grey Cup into December? I think 3 preseason games would be ideal. I don't see the league willingly giving up any regular season games to add preseason ones unless they can somehow add another playoff game which would be ridiculous. I too like the idea of off-site preseason games but factoring in about 60 players and 20+ coaching staff and team personnel on both sides during preseason and needing travel, accomodations, etc, and how small off site stadiums are, it may not be feasible for all 9 teams to do it every year. You look at this years games, a few teams had attendances of over 20K. Even factoring in any discounted prices and free tickets as enticements, those teams would still stand to lose in an offsite CIS type stadium which may have maybe only 3-5K capacity? Would people in Kenora pay $30-50 a seat to watch a preseason game between Winnipeg and Ottawa because the teams certainly won't want to swallow much of the expense. You would need a lot of sponsorship money to narrow the gap. So maybe having the CFL head office cover a couple of these games each year on a rotation of home teams would be easier.

Chris Walby had an comment regarding the limited practices with pads and how guys may not be used to playing in game conditions. I get the player safety aspect but maybe allowing a couple more padded practices during training camp can help fix some of the early season slop. Keep the padded restrictions in place during the year.

I agree. 2 preseason games clearly not enough (says the guy whose team lost its first game :lol: ). 3 would be ideal, but I don't want the season extended, nor do I want to see them start earlier (just look at the crazy weather - monsoon in Regina, wind in Calgary, cool temps in Winnipeg).

Third preseason game could be neutral site game (either the first or the third game). I would prefer 16 game schedule with extra playoff games (2 game total points), but I know that wouldn't fly.

3 Pre-season and 16 regular season games. Been blithering on about that for awhile.

The third pre-season game would allow for a couple of things; a CIS QB to get a half of playing time, to show where the developement is at this time. You could either play a neutral site location or determine, by lottery, who get a second home game.

I realize in the 10 team league, that 18 games works out, but the players can't keep it up. Makes the playoffs harder to qualify for and creates more urgency (16 games).

Don't forget for a 3rd pre season game in my example all we need is one half or 4-5 actual neutral sites.
Yes start training camps 7-10 days earlier.
I hate to bring up the No Funners when talking CFL, however they do have it right with the fist exhibition game being annual Hall of Fame game, which we have later in the season.
Now on the same topic, I know it is pie in the sky but why not bring back an All Star game and play in such exotic place like Hawaii?

Yup tell teams to give up a regular season home game in a gate-driven league… Who needs another million plus in revenue right? Take that gain from the TV money… give some back (fewer games to televise)… then give up that extra game’s revenue… and the weak Eastern teams are basically exactly where they were before the new TV deal.

And no… I don’t want to see even fewer football games either; there are so few as it is.

I would agree to a third neutral pre-season game, but not at the expense of a regular season game (or two by your suggestion). The league would have to look at it as an advertising expense rather than a profit generator though. You want to spread the interest with that extra game, not turn people off with high prices in smaller stadiums.