4 point field goal

Any kick of 60 yards. +, would be a earned 4 points ? What do you think ?

that you will like the XFL

So, you’re suggesting that teams be rewarded for a poor offensive effort resulting in them failing to cross midfield?

I’m going to love to see where this thread goes.

I expect reactions along the lines of changing the “rouge? rule. :smiley:

only if they move the goalposts back

Moving goal posts!

No. If anything FGs are now overvalued compared to TDs. Compare how few FGs were kicked relative to TDs in 1956 when the value of a TD was raised from five to six points with how plentiful FGs are these days.

No. I don’t see a reason for it.

Good point, failing. To cross midfield shouldn’t be rewarded by a strong legged kicker,.

Hmm . . . good point.

Maybe a rouge from 60+ yards should be worth two points. 8)

… Kanga?

…4.5 points if your kicker can put the ball right into the apple basket…


Since we’re on the topic of scoring values this approach needs to be considered by the experts:

If the value of the end result of an offensive or defensive play, that results in a score is to be determined by it’s scrimmage point on the field, then a TD scored from a pass play that scrimmaged on a teams own 20 yard line should be worth 10 points. Likewise if an interception occur on a teams own 20 yard line and is taken to the house it should score 10 points. A 100yd pass completion for a TD or an interception in ones own endzone and returned for a touchdown could be considered a “colossal TD” and score 15 points. The “colassal” designate could also include a TD resulting from a failed field goal attempt being returned for a TD.

Well, they do want more scoring , lol

more points does not equate to more scoring.

went to a football game and a basketball game broke out

If a TD pass is caught with one hand it is worth 3 extra points … a drop kick field from 20 yards or less is 4 points, from 21-35 it’s 6 points, from 26-50 its 8 points and beyond that it is 10 points … TDs run into the endzone are 6 points if no feet enter the endzone, 7 points if the right foot enters the endzone, 8 points for the left and 10 points for both … TDs of all types scored by Canadians add 2 extra points … TDs scored on an even numbered second are worth an extra 4 points … etc … etc

One extra point for each player short of 12. 7 points if you field 11 players, 8 points for 10 players, etc. Minimum of 2 players on the field caps the TD at 16 points.

Isn’t this the scoring for Fizbin?