4 Plays From 0 - 6

Game # 1 - a dropped pass
Game # 2 - a couple of dropped passes
Game # 5 - a missed field goal
Let's be honest! We are very fortunate to be 3 - 3 !

Who peed in your cereal? :lol: Change the screwed up call on the punt and the Riders maybe beat BC. If Durant doesn't throw an interception for that td in the 1st game they win bigger. If the Riders don't go into prevent defence against the Argos the score wasn't going to be close. Can't remember for sure but didn't Toronto score 2 times late in the game. Real late.

What about 2007? If it doesn't storm the Riders maybe lose that rain delay game to Edmonton. If Joseph doesn't run for a td the Riders maybe lose Labour Day. If the Stamps get the onsides kick maybe they win the playoff game. If Bombers don't throw an interception to James Johnson maybe the Riders don't win the grey cup. Every year there are a lot of games where 2 or 3 plays are why they win or lose.

This year the RIders are a hard team to figure out. They are 3 and 3 and we have seen some real good and real bad things. Just like Edmonton. Just like Calgary. Just like BC. The Riders could lose to Hamilton and Montreal and beat Winnipeg 2 times. Or they could beat Hamilton lose to Montreal. Split with Winnipeg. Who knows? No one thought they would beat Calgary 2 weeks ago. Remember that? Read the thread that says hate to say this but Riders are going to be 2-4.

Actually, Calgary DID recover that onside kick in 2007. They had to do it again because Shannon James was offside. They just missed recovering it a second time.

Of course you're right. Most games are won or lost by a play or two! I was just pointing out how close we actually are to batting .000 !

a play or two and we could be 5 and 1

We may watch more of this up and down wins and losses. But if the qbs get better, the Riders could have another winning season. But it's not just the qbs. The coaching staff has to do a good job on offence and defence don't they? Lapolice has to help the young qbs and trying to stop Cobb without Chick and Williams is scary. In the paper today it sounded like Chick may play. Hope he does play.

We have two QB coaches so why is Darian still telegraphing on every play?

Because he's only started about 10 or 11 games. Young QB's have a tendency to lock in on guys.

Telegraphing passes was a Neelon Greene specialty.

Lets hope for young Durant’s sake that locking onto a receiver does not become habit forming, it can become career ending

I don't get why people look at the what if's??

there are thousands of possible what ifs in football!

most of football is A GAME about What ifs!

you can't seriously talk about this?

many things, from many many years..

like 1976, Ottawa vs Saskatchewan.

if those guys had covered the receiver, Saskatchewan could have likely won that Grey Cup!


Dude, why don't you calm down a bit? You seem to get upset evrytime someone else makes a comment!