4 other teams will also lose in the playoffs alongwith us!!!

Of the 6 teams who will make the playoffs including us, 4 of them will also lose along with us.

Could be Edmonton
If Edmonton loses we will see the fans demand a winning team the next year, and single out guys and fire coaches like they always do and be back next year at the top. It is always fun to watch this organization move guys around and fire coaches while the fans demand winners year after year.

Could be BC
After going 11-0 after what seemed an invincible start, they have suddenly lost 4 in a row and have only managed a win against basement team Winnipeg and hopes to save its season with games vs Edmonton and Sask left. Also, the GC is in BC so for them to lose out in the playoffs ro either Calgary or Edmonton before that will be quite a disappointment after such a promising start.

Could be Calgary
Burris will be beaten again, and in the end the wins vs Sask in the season and all his hype will be for nothing. Copeland and Burris will just be spent money, and again we see the rich who try to buy the best get beaten and the years of the losing days in Calgary will continue.

Could be Montreal
Nothing better than seeing the Don get crushed again after the years of Montreal's dominance. Als fans are finally getting a taste of what true loss and heart break is like, may it last for 17 strong years as ours has.

Could be Toronto
The champs get dethroned and the fans disappear faster than the Maple Leafs in the NHL playoffs. Nothing like seeing Torontonians getting beaten in any sport.

Just know, that the hearts of fans from the 4 other losing teams will also be broken, although not as hard as ours since they have all won championships as of late, but you know what I mean. Only then can I rest easy with those fans as I did with Lions fans when the BC Lions got creamed in the GC last year.

The thing I look forward to most in the playoffs now is to see which 5 of the 6 teams LOSE! I'm watching for the agony and loss of the losers rather than to see the glory of the winner. To see broken dreams and heart ache spread amoung not only Rider nation but to the 4 other teams as well! May the best LOSER WIN!!!

wow, is this what happens to a fan whos' team never wins?

Tough day??? Or just a tough second half???
While watching the game today, I was commenting to my wife that Sask should be proud of the fan support you have. You guys are real troopers. A game in Calgary against the RoughRiders. is always a sight to see. You guys have the widest support in all the nation. Imagine what would happen if you guys could start kepping all those people at home. Saskatchewan would become a major player in Canada.
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Esk fans demand excellence, Rider fans accept mediocrity. Big difference

4 teams will lose with us? I'm going to try my hardest to remain optimistic until we are officially out. It isn't over until the fat lady sings, she may be warming up but we will fight until the end!

as for this happening to a team that never wins...what do you expect to happen? it gets depressing when everyone rubs it in your face every single year. Its hard to be a roughrider fan, everyone hates you and lumps you with the bad fans no matter what. But I know that i will never be able to cheer for another team, I take alot of pride in being able to say I am a roughrider fan.

I will always be a rider fan, nothing will ever change that.

Just wondering UnrealRiders, why wouldn't you demand that your team wins? You pay money to see the games and all of the fans want to see the team win. Or is it different with riders fans?

no its not different with rider fans. We want to win. I want to win.

You see Rider fans can't win, if we demand to win, we are cocky and arrogant. But if we don't then we accept mediocrity, its a lose-lose situation


Honestly from my point of view (I have been going to games since 1978) I have found Rider fans to be OK. Its those guys from Edmonton that start all the crap. I admire rider fans. Always there for the team. Never give up from year to year.... BUT I did see lots leaving the game while Sask had the ball with under 2 minutes left.. I guess they knew it wasent going to happen..
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have to agree with Stamp78.

It's funny when I see other Rider fans leaving early when the game is still in doubt. It's like they don't want to put up with traffic or something. This is Regina, not Vancouver. The traffic headaches aren't really that bad.

Hear hear!!! well said.. its the stereotypical view on this board..Just like when a Rider fan comments about reffing same thing applies...I have given up rebuking these arguments... its like beating a dead horse ..I have just learned to accept it

Can you see us from way up there, or are your nostrils in the way.

Can you see us from way up there, or are your nostrils in the way.

Calgary will never get past Edmonton. SSK and WPG made them look much better than they are.

Tank. Did Edmonton make Calgary look better then they are?
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