4 Nice Alouette Fans , Section 27

Just before it was time to leave for the Ti-Cat bus at Limeridge, we found that 2 of or 4 tickets were in my wife’s purse on route to Brantford. No hope of retrieval before the gme.
We got on the bus anyways intendding to go to the ticket window and plead our case ( angry Grampa & 3 sad Grand Kids )

There were 4 guys at the back of the bus , 3 wearing Alouette jerseys. The fans were giving them “the gears”.
I told them about my predicament and one of them pulled out 2 tickets that they weren’t going to use and gave them to my grand kids.
I couldn’t believe our good fortune !
I thanked them profusely and bought them all a beer before kick-off.

As we were leaving ( after the Alouette interception ) we waved good-bye to each other. Nice Guys !!

Thanks again. We had a good time despite the Ti-Cats.

Awsome. Amazing how some things turn out. Only in the CFL.

That’s what this game really is about. :thup::wink:

One of my favourite football games was the Vanier in Toronto when a bunch of Laval fans and I bugged each other all game. Then after shook hands traded salutations.