4 more signings, 5 released

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QB Matt Johnson, OL Clint Oldenburg, LB Alvin Bowen, DB Jamaal Fudge, DB Justin Wilson and DL Dario Romero.

J.T. O’Sullivan - a big 32 YO QB with some experience down south. Not great numbers the little he played, but a pretty interesting pickup. The fact he is coming to the CFL with 8 or 9 seasons of NFL lined pockets says he wants to play, and will make things extremely interesting in camp. Very interesting move...kudos to the brass

T.J. Rushing was a solid prospect at DB and returning but never returned to former glory after a knee injury. That was a few years back now, and perhaps he is recovered. If he is, this is an amazing pickup. If not, it was at least a great attempt.

Talmadge Jackson is a great press coverage DB. He plays tight man coverage as a specialty. Don't let his stats fool you...he may not have had a lot of picks, but that is because his coverage was so tight many QBs didn't throw at him. I am a little bewildered that he has not found a home in the NFL actually.

Macho Harris - I don't think he will make the club. I don not know a pile about him other than he is pretty speedy and agile, but was viewed as a large liability for the Eagles...but who knows. great guy to come in and compete for it at minimum.

Clint Oldenburg - not a shocker that they are starting to trim the OL a bit. I questions this move over cutting D-G, and aging import...perhaps looking to him for leadership for 1 more season.

Matt Johnson - I guess was the long shot, and with a 6th QB brought in they had to do some trimming.

Alvin Bowen - 6 week contract...that sucks

Jamaal Fudge - I thought he had some potential, though never really saw him play. With the signing of the new guys they made room I guess...same as with Justin Wilson I guess...though

Romero has his own thread here...not entirely understanding why he wouldnt be brought in to compete though.

What do you mean? His contract ran out?

no, they signed him to contract 6 weeks ago and have now cut him

I've never seen such turn over by this organization. Chamberline and Taman are definetly putting thier stamp on the organization. Hell they are cutting guys they have recently brought in, before training camp!

We definitely know whom to blame or praise based on this seasons play.

Opps, Chamblin :oops:

Oldenberg..........yeah, this one is a head scratcher when the alternative is Goodspeed. But you continually hear this team talk about how Goodspeed is? Maybe we just need to drink the kool-aid and get on with it?

I'm pissed we traded away another Cdn. draft (6th in 2013) for Fulton. Trading nin-import drafts for import O-line pisses me off. I'm not even sure what we have going into next years draft? I think we're down 2 for sure, later rounds but you keep doing this year after year and your Cdn talent goes south and takes years to repair!!!!!!!! You'd think our scouting department could find our own O-lineman and not have to trade.

Matt Johnson - I watched all the video of the Florida mini camp. Johnson looked the weakest from what I could tell. The other guys just looked crisper with footwork and throws? Not surprised and also surprised we picked up another 5th QB for TC?

Fudge and Wilson..............expect more moves like this. Taman and co. will want to make sure that they take the best 75 bodies to camp. I expect a few more signings and such.

I have heard that Oldenburg was not physically ready, whether he was hurt, out of shape or both, I don't know, but that is what the rumour mill is saying.

As for the trade of the pick. We only lose that pick if Fulton makes the team. If he gets cut we don't lose the pick. I think it is a win win. If we can get a starting left Tackle for a 6th rounder I say do it everytime. And if he doesn't work out then we don't lose anything. I'm sure they are still on the lookout for OT's but its not as if they sprout on trees. These are big men and big men are not as plentiful as say LB's.