4 man non-active?

who doesnt play?,a nice problem to have since we are basically 100 percent healthy. the 4 i see are probably ,chevy,tasker,dile, and bowman.,i think we need webb for extra pass protection and depth,at the cost of bowman.,if we plan to run the ball more do u dress chevy?,who sits then,jones???its not banks., and ,i dont see tasker or dile dressing.

I think it will be the same as the EDSF as mentioned in another thread: Walker, Tasker, Dile and Webb. If we need an extra DB Murray is very versatile and can be moved from LB.

Wow! Reality is shocking -- Simmons, Breaux, Jones & Walker.
If we'd had a pool on this, nobody would have won.

No kidding. The only reason I can see for the first three is last minute injuries. Fortunately, we have depth at all three spots. but still....