#4 Hangs in up.

Brett Farve Finally Hangs it up after 17 Seasons.
Aaron Rogers is now the starter in GB

He'll be Missed.

Do you have a source? :o

a sad sad day for the sport of football. good luck in your future endavours Brett.

It's on tsn.ca, seems legit.

As a Packer fan it's a huge loss to that team, but the guy is one of the best ever to play in the NFL, the HoF will be awaiting shortly :slight_smile:

I just read it on ESPN.com. I'm glad he decided to retire. He's a great player, and I'd rather see him end his career on a high note, which is what he did. He made a nice run at the Super Bowl.

Enjoy retirement!

cant say I ever cheered for him, but I do have respect for him, as a player anyhow.

My wife, otoh, dirty traitor that she is, always cheered for him to beat my teams, sigh.

A great one for sure, a real gamer. Liked the movie he did, What About Mary, with Cameron Diaz. Better football player than actor though me thinks.

I read that many NFL executives are skeptical of his retirement :o

note people NFL Network is a very good investment.

NFL network is a terrible channel. I sometimes like the game of the week or when they play old superbowl game, but for the most part the channel is awful.

the channel is great. they show you up to the minute news, team/ player analysis, and all the coverage you could dream of. not to mention an old game here or there.

I remember watching 2 games on that channel last year and the broadcast and announcers were terrible.

I only have the channel because it comes packaged in with the sports, I do enjoy the occasional show they have, but I could do without it.

Marty York reports that Brett Favre will sign as Damon Allens backup in Toronto. The Geritol duo, as the Toronto Star calls them will call a press conference on April 1st,2008 to formally announce the signing!

Good move for Brett. Be intersting to see who starts in Green Bay. I don't even remember who their back up is.

his name would be Aaron Rodgers.

lol! i thought he would've retired in 2006.. when he had a terrible year, not in 07-08 when he had a great season. lol

oh well, not skin off my buut, i'm a philly fan!

go riders! & e! a! g! l! e! s! eagles!!!!!!!!

Worst part Was I cheer for lions the past few years now I am Titans Fan he is gone.

How can any self respecting sports fan, not connected to tennessee in any personal way, be a Titans fan after the shamefull assinine way they treated McNair????

You should cry about it.

. . . but seriously . . .

Brett Favre retiring!? I loved watching him play. Very entertaining.

. . . hey anybody ever notice that #4’s name is spelled F-A-V-R-E but the name is pronounced as though the R is before the V.
It is pronounced Farve but spelled Fahv-rey.

Courtesy of the NFLNetwork:
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell:

Brett Favre will always be remembered as one of the greatest players and fiercest competitors in NFL history. Brett's talent, enthusiasm and love of the game helped him become the only player to earn three MVP awards and he was a vital part to bringing a Super Bowl Championship back to Green Bay.