4 games against the Bombers next year!


To quote:
The CFL's 2007 schedule hasn't been released yet, but a CFL source said the Bombers will play four games against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats (two home, two away) and three against both the Montreal Alouettes (two home) and Toronto Argonauts (two away). Their exhibition schedule will consist of a home game against the Argos and a road game against the Ticats

Looks like we're getting a bit of a break from the Argos next year.

good, hopefully our preseason isnt against them 2 times either.

Unless the league is going for more than 2 pre-season games this year, the Bombers and Argos would be playing 1 game against each other which means we would only face the Bombers once. With the change to no longer face the Argos both games, maybe we will get a chance to play the Als in our 2nd pre-season game, and wait until we meet in the regular season.

If Hamilton plays Winnipeg 4 times in the regular season, then it would make the most sense to have the two exhibition games against the Als and Argos, since they'll only be seen 3 times each in the regular season. I know this is how it's done out West ... and it makes sense, rather than 5 games (in total) against one team, 4 against another, and 3 against the other?

I think it's a lock the league will stick to two preseason games for each team since coffer-wise they only think in even numbers and four is out. :wink:

Every team wants its home date in the preseason, same as all others. There wouldn't be much appetite for a three game sched that gave an extra home game to some teams instead of others.

Oski Wee Wee,

Bring 'em on!!!!

I really dont care who we play as long as we win