4 Game Losing Streaks.....

If Winnipeg and Montreal were to play each other next week, would they both find a way to lose? :stuck_out_tongue:

So does the winner or loser get to play Edmonton? or Hamilton for that matter?

but just think maybe the Ti-Cats could finnaly win another game but i doubt it LOL

I would hope the Al's find a way to lose, while Winnipeg finds a way to win! :smile:

They should come up with a Consolation Cup for the two worst teams in the league to compete for at the end of each year.. Whoever loses gets it. Then Hamilton could eclipse the Eskimos for having won the most consecutive championships.

I have a better idea, we do this in Australia, the team that places last in the league gets the wooden spoon! :twisted:

C4L they do and the loser gets the first round draft choice!

but if you Canadians want to go with that, I'll back you up!

Even if the Al's dont win anymore games this year, they will be the first 7-11 team to win the grey cup.

What did calgary finish with when they beat the Bombers (2003?) I know they were under .500, but they might have been 8-10

Yup. Calgary was 8-10 last time they won the Cup. It was in 2001, in Montreal.

Bobers were 7 and 11 in 2004 when they missed the playoffs, better to go for 9 wins, or 10 to be save.

You mean… the bobers who made the bobsleigh celebration?

Anyways, the history books are full of examples of teams not making the playoffs with a 7-11 record. Try to find one team that won the Grey Cup with such a record…

But it's soooo much easier to find the ones that didn't make the playoffs....... it'd take work to find any that did... if they do in fact exist.

BC was also 8-10 when they beat Montreal in 2000.

Which proves on any given day a team can beat anyone.

maybe the Bombers should go 8 and 1o agaist Calgary in the GC this year?