4 Down football

Two evenly matched teams with players who care is fun competition to watch. Doesn’t necessarily have to be the best talent. I love watching World Cup - that is best talent. I love watching TFC that is not best talent but it is available and affordable. I go with my friends and we have a great time.

I love my Tiger-Cats. Most games are exciting. The players play hard and care. The fans are into it. Its a great day. I really don’t understand why more football fans don’t attend the games. I love NFL too so don’t get the you cant love them both piece.

I would say the chaotic schedule is a problem. How about two games Friday night ( one east one west) and three games Saturday 1pm east 4 pm est either east/west and one game 7pm est that is out west. Ps yes the Schooners exist in this scenario. The ppl can plan around the games. All games are televised.


Another nugget from Tiger-Cat. Thomas Jefferson said in 1812 that taking Canada was a "mere matter of marching." He was full of it.

On the other hand, turning a newbie onto CFL is merely a matter of attending a Cats game in Hamilchuck :grinning:.

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Pay more and bring in better people. Welcome to the forum by the way. Here's the cold hard facts. Firstly, I'm sure your aware that Canada has only 38,000,000 people or 1,000,000 less than the state of California. The CFL was originally and amateur league that would bring in the odd American player up until the 1950s. As the game grew we added more and there were some greats. But, those people also had to have jobs to supplement their incomes as stadiums were small and fans limited. Many U.S. players made a good life here career wise during and after football staying in Canada until retirement and settling permanently or returning home. Now U.S. players are looking at the CFL as full time employment. That's happening but they have to realize that CFL salaries are several 100,000 dollars less than even an NFL taxi squad player earns. So the CFL has and exciting, well played game but population (fan numbers) and demographics rule against a U.S. import really making a true living from playing in the CFL or at least a living an professional athlete feels he's entitled too. CFL owners have to have an huge love of the game to keep shelling out dollars and the community teams, Riders, Bombers in particular make money only because they are partly community owned. Sorry, but big salaries for better talent is not going to happen.

I agree. Look at what happened with Toronto and Rocket Ismail.

Yeah, but the Rocket signing created a lot of attention to the CFL. That signing stole a lot of thunder from the NFL prior to the NFL Draft

But that thunder fizzled out thanks to McNall's money troubles that nobody knew about.

Like the CFL still hasn't learned from the Johnny Manziel fiasco inspite of "taking precautions".


Nobody knew about McNall's troubles. He wasn't Bernie Madoff. Gretzky still maintained a friendship with McNall when he was sent to prison.

The Johnny Football fiasco was all on Manziel. The CFL set up rules and guidelines and Johnny broke them so he could fast-track his career back into the NFL

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I know i've posted on this topic recently but as the debate goes on..
I moved to BC's Okanagan Valley from Mb 3 years ago and have been a CFL fan for 60 years. As everyone knows, CFL and football in general is a state of mind in thr prairies and was for years in Hamilton. So, I expected that as bad as the Lions have been the past few years, there would be fan support across the province. I have yet to see a Lions jersey here in the valley.. lots of Canucks, some White Caps but narry a Lions. We watch Global news and sports both Okanagan and Provincial and coverage of the Lions is minimal at best and of course their training camp is here at Kamloops. So during training camp there is some
coverage but the Canucks are #1, Caps #2 and believe it or not Seahawks #3. My partners sons live and work in the lower mainland and both say Lions talk is virtually non existent. One son works in wholesale and suppliers give out sports tickets. Lots of the employees want Canucks and Caps,
Lions .. meh . A business colleague lives in London Ontario area and says the Mustangs get more coverage than the Argos or Ti Cats but basically the area has 90% NFL
fans. Vancouver, T.O. , Montreal think they are major league cities and the CFL is second city. Hopefully Hamilton can hang in there but for many years the team drew fans from the steel workers base .. tough hard helmet people. The demographics have changed so much over the past two decades with many new Canadians brought up in the Soccer world .. well ?
And, as for MLSE bringing in XFL
I don't think the fan base is there.
NFL yes but totally over the top salary wise, a tenured NFL practise squad player earns over $200,000 year, and then a new facility.. and the list goes on. How long will MLSE continue to throw money down the Argo's deep well or the T.O. Based owner of the Als do the same ?
Those Halifax city councillors who were solidly behind the Schooners have called a halt and rethink.
Ottawa has gone through three name changes.. If I was placing bets I would bet against the east, save Hamilton, hanging in much longer. And maybe Argo fans would switch support to the Ti Cats .. Hmmnn ?

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Seems safe to say that you consider the CFL marketing plan to be ineffective. I agree and ceding authority to a company such as Genius sports may not necessarily be a better plan.

To me the issue is that the CFL is building a business model that is focused on revenue and profit rather than catering to a target market and letting the revenue and profit be a result of good marketing.

There is a limit as to how much of a priority can be placed on the distraction and superficiality of pro sports. Trying to make it more important than it is will not work. The current scenario makes CFL very important to the league, owners, players, and employees but it is not that important to the fan paying for the ticket.

Going for a 3 hour walk is probably a better thing to do.

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Your so right and with the marketing to date they are not appealing to the fan base. Loyalty used to be the catalyst that kept CFL teams chugging along. In Wpg they hate Regina with a passion and Edmonton, dare I say Esks ? almost as much because of the dynasty they had that dominated the CFL for five straight years. And.. on the subject of dynasty.. the free agency has led to many one year contracts and so it's getting harder and harder to get excited about a player as you know with a one year deal there is better than 50 chance he won't be here next year. With the old system you could buy a jersey with the name of your fav on the back and expect to wear for awhile. I'm thinking fan jerseys should now come with a velcro strip in the back so changing names could be done in seconds right after free agency. And.. TSN having exclusive rights is not in my opinion a good thing. TSN has an American approach in that the panel looks like the NFL equivalent rather than have Canuck appeal. David, Matty and Milt in my estimation only sell us on the idea that all CFL players are top drawer, repeat the stats that make a player look good, not show his weakness.
The prairie teams seem to have captured the rivalry thing to the max. The Labour Day/Banjo Bowl battle between Bombers and (hated) Riders draws huge attention and the Calgary/Edmonton is close. The Lions being the fifth man out in the west really never saw this unfortunately. The old Argo/Ti Cat Labour Day tilt used to have all the hate appeal but sadly declining attendance at Argo games has in my opinion diluted that. Pity as the Ti Cats were and still are to a degree hated by the fans of the other two eastern teams ( and still are in the west) So should the league go back to the loyalty-we hate the other guy marketing ploy and direct TSN to drop the slick thing ? Might work but probably too many seasons have gone by. It is great however to see that that fire is still alive In the belly in many contributors to this form. If it could only translate to more filled seats on a regular basis, especially in the east and BC.