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Wow what a sell out. The oldest of football leagues and were to change and become NFL North to appease the gamblers and mafia criminals that come with gambling. Can't wait for all the woke politics too. What is unique about the CFL is their three downs and larger fields a game far more entertaining than the boring woke NFL. Guessing you will no longer need true athletes v/s big fat guys pushing a line. What a complete disappointment this league will become with a change to game format. Having been a season ticket holder since 1967 I'd seriously consider cancelling my season tickets. While I suspect this nonsense is coming from the Toronto group I'd think twice as these flakes can't fill a NFL Bills game let alone a pop warner game. Your problems are marketing not the rules of the game.



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We live in an era where the NFL more popular in Canada than ever before.

It's easier for some of them to take the "if you can't beat them then join them" attitude than to stand up and fight for what to believe in.

I might cancel my tix as well if the CFL sells out.



The ownership group in The City That Shall Not Be Named are simply reflecting the apathy of the colonial inhabitants of The City That Shall Not Be Named.

I don’t like the talk about moving to four downs either. I agree it misses what is best about CFL. Just not sure you need the “woke” or “flake” references. Not even sure how they fit in this conversation to be honest.

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Look I'm a Saskatchewan roughrider stand from Huntsville Alabama I am also a fan of the NFL's New York Giants and a fan of the Southeastern conference football team the Alabama crimson Tide... None of that matters if you don't put butts in the seats now are they going to change the floor down football most likely not the reason why they're panicking like this is because attendance is way down is it due to covid or is it due to the play on the field? I'm used to going to football games where there are 100,000 people down here in the South that is taking so seriously that it is considered a birthright so when I watch the CFL game and see a lot of empty seats I see the fans telling the teams they're not doing a good enough job. And I agree rules changes all of a sudden won't make the game better you're going to have to loosen up the rules for having only so many players from outside of Canada they have got to start letting folks come in with better talent and they're going to have to start paying more that's when the play will go up and that's when the seats will start to fill up again it has nothing to do with four down football it's got everything to do with the quality of the game being played right now


Sorry if so my spelling is off my phone isn't doing so well today I have to use the speaker to speak into it so again sorry


The problem in The City That Shall Not Be Named is it has 3 major league teams: Leafs,Jays, Raptors. Since the Jays arrived in 1977, the CFL in this town has been relegated to minor league status.

Empty seats in The City That Shall Not Be Named has nothing to do with Canadian players. It has everything to do with people here would now rather masturbate about the Nancy Football League.

You are comparing apple to oranges.

You are preaching to the choir here. I think the most important factor in making the game more popular is putting the best possible product on the field.

And welcome to the forum.

The perceived reason they give for unsold seats is fan disinterest when it could not be further from the truth. There are big television audiences in all markets.

Perhaps there is not a marketing difference if one fan views one game or all four games each week but by scheduling a triple header it literally prevents someone attending the game to watch all or parts of the other two games. There are only four games per week. We are now to the point where the CFL plays on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I'm told U.S. fans like the CFL but have a hard time following it because it is bounced around from network to network and never on a regular basis.

True problem is the CFL ignores the core target market that it is trying to attract and instead tries to force feed them the game opposed to catering to their needs. Adapting a marketing strategy aimed at satisfying the customer can easily fill seats. Check out what Edmonton is doing.

Maybe they can highlight the ball when it is in the air for the television viewing audience.

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Hey thanks it's just my observation watching the league over the last year and pre-covid that I saw that the play is beginning to slip too they've got to start allowing more players to come in but you like you said I'm preaching to the choir and thanks for inviting me into the group it's just my observation looking in on these games


Okay I can see that as a viable plan but I guess because I'm from American I'm used to seeing packed stadiums it was very shocking to see so many empty seats in Edmonton all year long and in Montreal there are fair amount of empty seats in Toronto there were a ton of empty seats and for visibility purposes on TV let's just be honest it looked terrible now I'm hoping this year people get off their butts and go to games because I do think that they're good games and while I'm a fan of all forms of football I feel that it all should be supported equally


Toronto didn't relegate the CFL to minor league status.

People like Paul Godfrey did with his never ending pursuit of the NFL.

Now that's a guy wetting himself over the NFL.


Attendance issues in any and all cities, and teams not selling as many season tickets as they'd like, could come down to some very basic reasons. Availability. Why pay out money in advance when you really don't have to? I understand the appeal of having the same seats for every game but many other people, particularly ones not passionate, perhaps don't see that as a priority.

As long as there are empty seats it's safe to think that if One wants to attend a game, than there's no panic in purchasing tickets in advance.

Win a lot of games and the walk-up ticket sales go up. Keep winning and during the off-season fans would feel more encouraged to get season tickets, and thus less empty seats.

Pretty basic stuff. Win a lot and sell tickets; lose and you play to an empty stadium. Every team in every city in Canada is vulnerable to that equation, whether hard-core fans want to admit that or not. The possible exception to that rule may be in Saskatchewan. But even there, I would certainly not want to put that to a test.

We live in an era of trolls, negative expressions, negative impressions (by default), where it's much easier to see the wrong and ugly than the good and beautiful. That makes standard marketing practices these days much more ineffective.

It also doesn't help for the league, and its experts, to keep the never ending conversation of rule changes, game improvements, etc. going on year after year, season after season, and on, and on, and on...


True, but for a couple of points:

  1. Rider Pride is not unconditional. Attendance drops when they aren't winning.

  2. Only 24,000 for the West Semi-final last year after a winning season.

  3. The Argos have not drawn at home for years, regardless of win/loss record..


NFL attendance has been dropping. There are some teams with empty stadiums there too. Ditto for MLB, MLS, NHL, ,NBA. Problem for CFL is unlike those leagues the lack of a fat TV deal means that the gate is the major source of income. Toronto Montreal and Vancouver are the weak links. Bizarre that the biggest cities have the worst attendance but i think its because they see it as a lesser league. Bringing in more US players wont change that. It will still be perceived as the lesser league. Its weird that soccer is played all over the world and fans can love multiple leagues and teams. I’m guessing European hockey fans go see their home team even if its not the NHL.


To be fair... the weather was great for downhill skiing that day. I'm sure that more people would've shown up in their seats in time to be counted if they weren't frozen to the pavement just outside the stadium. Those who survived the trip had to gut their sled dogs and climb inside for warmth. Otherwise they had no excuse for not showing up for that West Final.

It was a doozy. :partying_face:

That is it in a nutshell, Tiger-Cat.

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Think it was 1 degree Celsius at game time, Maaax. That's a heat wave out there. Ronnie Lancaster would have bare-armed!

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We're so laid back here it's ridiculous. I think we're more interested in having a good time than seeing the very best talent money can buy in action. :grin: