4 designated imports

hey everyone - just had a question

looking at the roster I was wondering who the four Americans would be who would be designated for the opener (roster spots 43-46)

I was thinking cody williams, drisan james, and then jordan matechuk (I know he's Canadian but since we have 21 on the roster instead of just the required 20 we can designate one right?) and then for the fourth I was going to say Tafralis but I wasn't sure if QBs were eligible to be designated as one of the 'final four'

lemme know if i'm way off base - thanks

and go ticats!

There's only 3 designated imports.
Probably Tre Smith, whoever ends up being the backup DB (Bradley?), and of course Setta.

This has nothing to do with designated imports. It's simple, four players from the 46-man roster have to sit out each game. Right now, three of those will be imports and one will be a non-import. Three quarterbacks will dress for every game.

a-ha! i see i misunderstood his misunderstanding of the DI. i guess it helps to read a post in its entirety before replying to it.