4 Cats on pace for 1000 yard seasons

As of right now the Cats receiving corps is on pace to have four 1000 yard guys this year, pretty incredible what this group has been able to do, they must give DC headaches trying to figure out who to key on.

Tasker - 1411
Toliver - 1298
Owens - 1186
Fantuz - 1089

The team is on pace to catch 41 touchdown passes as well as a collective unit.

Good times being a receiver in the Hammer, just need the defence to step up their game to match the offence.

Do we have the best corps in the league? Ottawa, Edmonton and Calgary certainly have an argument to make, could even throw the Argos in there too.

EDIT: Just for fun I did some calculation on Collaros, and right now he is on pace to throw 42 TDs in 12 games lol Pro-rated for an entire season it equals out to 63 ...I know "on pace" stats are pretty meaningless but they are fun to look at when you're bored.

That is pretty interesting to know, they're all solid this year. How bout CJ Gable rushing for 1000 is that like possible i never really check the stats don't know where he's at.

Gable is on pace for 826 yards right now ... but if the Cats keep feeding him the ball down the back stretch and he keeps running like a madman, he definitely has a shot at a 1000 yard season. I am confident he will at least amass over 1000 all purpose yards.