$4. Beer

Now that I have your attention, I must sadly report that it's brought to you by the Ar.........g...... :

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/toronto-argonauts-tailgate-party-beer-1.3610638]http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/t ... -1.3610638[/url]

That can't be too much more than we may have paid for our last pre-game beer, at CFL game on the CNE grounds.

Can't help but be impressed with how the new ownership has kicked off this era in Arblows history. It remains to be seen if they will reap the rewards of their hard work and dedication so far but for first time in my life it seems like the team is at least trying to attract fans and doing it in smart ways.

I was worried when I heard people would have to pay for alcohol at the tailgate but nobody can really complain at $4 a pop that's fantastic value.

I truly am hoping they can create this cult culture type atmosphere around the team that rekindles some double blue love down the highway and hopefully brings a new dynamic to the best rivalry in the CFL. It's not very fun hating on the less fortunate but that seems to be quickly changing, cannot wait for the home opener at BMO Field I am expecting it to be a rowdy night.

Regina and Ottawa put on there own Tailgate parties too and reasonable pricing also

Only problem being.....if you don't drive to the game and pay $35 to park in the tailgating lot, then you won't be getting any $4 beers. What I want to know is what pre-game activities are available for the fans who are coming by GO train for the game?

That's an eye gouge and a half didn't know they were charging that much.

and if you are not parking its free to walk into the area

There was some initial confusion over who was allowed in the tailgating area but anybody who shows a game ticket will be allowed into the tailgate.

That's what I originally thought glad to hear.

LOL !!!! That is good to hear :thup: Hey 2ez better make sure we bring a pocket full of toonies each down to Toronto on the 23rd. :smiley: :rockin: First beer is on me buddy :slight_smile: Can't wait..........GO CATS GO !!!!!!!! Let's get this season started !!!!

In Regina last season i think we paid $5 per ticket the best part was if you had tickets left over you could also use them inside Mosaic Stadium so people were smart to stock up on tickets however the prices inside Mosaic were not $9 like inside THF not sure of Prices at BMO as i dont watch soccer

I think the prices are all the same at BMO, RC and THF - around $10.25 for a tall boy

Unfortunately that is not true. I emailed to ask Client Services of the Argos for clarification and this is the answer I got.


We anticipate that the cars parking in the tailgate area will be full of fans and therefore we will not have the capacity to allow fans to enter on foot. We strongly encourage anyone parking in the tailgate to ensure they pick up any fans they are meeting before entering. If our capacity permits, we will allow fans on foot to enter the tailgate area during the last hour before the game.

We are also working on a pre-game festival that will be accessible for anyone with a game ticket. Details about this will be made prior to our home opener.

Argonauts Client Services

[b] If our capacity permits, we will allow fans on foot to enter the tailgate area during the last hour before the game. [/b]
So it does look like that you have to be in a car to get into the tail gate area and the $4 beer. I imagine there will be people standing around the entrance to the parking lot hoping to get in. I suppose it would take away from the stadium concession revenues if people on foot all went to the tailgate area before the game and loaded up on cheap $4 beers.

Guess ill sit there in my Van and charge people $5 or $10 bucks then drive in with 20 people in my van , Thanks Toronto love making easy money :slight_smile:

That may be a good idea, drivers can pick up people hanging around the entrance to the parking lots and then charge them $5 each, it pays for your parking and allows them to get the cheap beer.