4 Areas that need attention

In my opinion the cats are improved over past editions but need a lot of fixing.
1The defensive line puts no pressure on the opposing qbs.Almost all sacks have come from the fact dbs have covered the receivers well(for the most part) and the qb has to eat the ball.The defensive line also needs to better itself in stopping the run.
2Th e oline does a fine job pass blocking but the run blocking is almost nonexistent .Cobb is stuffed most plays.He gets his good gainers on his own .Does anyone feel any confidence when we go for it on 3rd and one?
3The receivers due to their routes -the way they run them or how they are drawn up, very rarely get any separation from the defensive backs.I think our qbs are adequate but not great.With the separation provided by our receivers we need someone who gets the ball away very quickly like Calvillo or a rocket arm like Peyton Manning.
4The run defense is terrible .there are very good hitters but poor tacklers.Most taclkes it seems, are made by the dbs,very few by the defensive line

I agree 100 % These issues and many more need to be fixed if there is any hope of a playoff run. Funny how Winnipeg has fixed their problems? I guess we will see if the Tiger Cats have fixed theirs around 10:00 pm tonight.

I'm not sure I completely agree with everything you are saying, not that I don't think we can improve in each of these areas.

  1. As far as the pass rush goes, we are a heck of a lot better than last year. We may not always sack the QB, but we are at least putting a lot more pressure on them. Two of the best d-lineman we have are currently out, and should be back soon. All things considered, the backups have filled in a lot better then I expected.
  2. I don't know that the running game issue is entirely the O-line's fault. Cobb gets stuffed more often because he is not a power back, and the offense usually sets up with a single back, with the QB in the shotgun. It's too easy to defend this formation on short yardage, regardless of the O-Line. They are also missing a starting Tackle, and playing a rookie.
  3. The QBs and receivers have been hot and cold. They need to step it up for us to be better. This inconsistency has really been a problem for a couple of weeks.
  4. Defending the run is up to the front seven. Some games they have done well, others poorly. Having Adams and McIntyre out has not helped. What I noticed a lot in the last game was Colbourne got most of his runs when he cut back. Too me this is a sign of the defense over-pursuing. When the Montreal O-Line tried to run one way, the TiCat defense all went in that direction. They would often stop the planned play and it would just take one block to spring the back in the other direction.

What I mostly see is some injuries and inconsistent execution that are the biggest problems, pretty much what I would expect out of an up-and-coming, relatively young team like the one we have.

How can this be fixed? Probably by working hard and staying healthy. As fans we can't let the crushing defeat by the Al's influence our opinions of the team, and the recent wins by the Bombers make us overly concerned. We still have two games left with the Bombers. Win one or both, and we are playoff bound.