4 - 17

Just plain unacceptable.

whats 4-17?

Tiger-Cats the past two years.


the record for last year and this year combined. Doesn’t make sence to me either as it is a new team and coaching staff this year.

What? Was the Tiger-Cats franchise revoked? And then re-franchised?

Sorry, same team, same problems.

I disagree. This is a NEW team. Same results. But a new team.

Oh, new team?

Well, I guess that makes ANOTHER losing season all right.

it takes tim efor the new team to get better
and this game they did better than before......

I'm trying to figure out when the notion of rebuilding went out of some people's optics for this season.

You have...29?...new players.

A new coach and staff...

You start against Calgary, Toronto, Montreal...and BC next week...

I could see the recipe for a dynasty after the tenth headbutt of my wall...not. LOL


Oski Wee Wee,