:D Did anyone ever believe that we would start the year off undefeated?I for one was not a believer but now am quite confident that we can win the grey cup once again.Eric tillmans aquisitions have cemented our team contenders once again.Our injuries to our lineman may be a cause for concern.Eric will have his hands full in finding replacements.Over all the riders are the complete package and have the means to win it all again.

I did not think we would be 4-0 either but it is still a long season. The injury bug seems to have bitten us fairly early and consistently. However, I am really impressed that the guys filling in are doing one heck of a job for the most part. I think guys are really buying into the TEAM concept and when you are on the field you play like a starter and guys have done that. I give 2 huge thumbs up to coach Miller for getting ALL of his guys ready to play. Definite confidence booster for this team to be winning games the way they are especially given the conditions that they are winning under.

Did January get hurt too?

What about next week?

Kerry Joseph and the Argos! That is going to be huge! I know we can beat the Argos. Riders need to come out strong and hard to rattle a jittery Joseph. Frustrate Stubler and scare Joseph.

I will be PO'd if January is hurt. If you saw it on TV his legs were rolled up on and he looked fine whistle blew and Anwar Stewart took it upon himself to shove January backwards onto the pile. Hope he is fine as it would be a shame to lose a starting tackle to a douch bag move like stewart pulled.

We needed to be 7-2 at the halfway point, so 4-0 was a possibility. That said, a point of discussion last night was about the fact we need to go back to 1970 to find the last time this team was 4-0, and then we were trying to decide if it ever happened previous to that. Perhaps only the 2nd time in 100 years?
So yeah, I certainly wouldn't have predicted it....
We likely did do it back in the pre-CFL/rugby days, but still....

One more win and my prediction of 5-0 to start the year is right on. It would be a fluke but it would be a fluke I would be very satisfied with. :slight_smile:

4-0 was not in my crystal ball as well...the fact we have already overcome major adversity once again with injuries shows the resolve the team has in winning.

New challenges still to decipher

Crandell over Durant?
if so
Does this mean Szarka bumps Hughes as Starting FB?

How will the Riders compensate for the Loss of Chick?

IS Shultz healthy enough to play or does Shologan play?

Inquiring minds want to know

I have expected to win every game we have played this year so no its not a suprise.

But saying that I always predict the Riders to win. This year I have had more confidence in doing so though

In years past, when the opposition pulled ahead in the 4th quarter, I was resigned to the belief we'd lose! Now, as long as there is time on the clock, I think we have a chance!

Does this mean Szarka bumps Hughes as Starting FB?
IMO, Hughs should've bumped szarka a season or 2 ago. I wouldn't say keep szarka off the field, just use them both but my no.1 FB would be hughs.
Now, as long as there is time on the clock, I think we have a chance!
Man do i ever agree with this. I turned off the hamilton game with 3 mins left. what a mistake! never again will i repeat that mistake.

Well, I must confess Rider posters, I did not think you would be at 4-0 at this point of the season. Wes Cates was no surprise, I expected him to pick up where he left off. I had low expectations with Crandell as your starter and even lower expectations once he was injured. I think the Credit for your 4-0 record needs to be spread around.

First As this is Durants third year, he has learned the play book well and has demonstrated (Even though he had two Ints on Saturday) that he can handle the presure and make good decisions.

Second, I credit your New Head Coach Miller for keeping things simple and easy for a young QB like Durant.

Third (Sorry Mikey), Eric Tillman has been able to fill spots on the Rider roster to get things done. (Omar Morgan returning is just one example).

Rider fans, you have a very nice looking team to be proud of.

No, he shouldn't have. Szarka is still a better blocker and short yardage guy. Hughes is a better open field guy, but still a good blocker. Hughes will likely start next year, until then Szarka can teach him more about blocking and make him even better.

I keep hearing that Hughes will bump Szarka, but in reality Hughes is a runningback whereas Szarka is a true fullback.

Even when Szarka comes back I hope they keep utilizing Hughes, he's pretty quick and tough to bring down and has great hands.

When Chris is healthy we get to have that extra presence back there blocking and can throw in some Hughes as well. Both guys are great at what they do.

I think Szarks was a great player.. now I put him into the Fred Perry mold...the greatness has faded... IMO I think Hughes is a better runner, receiver and blocker he is also a extremely important special teams player, what he lacks in size he more than makes up for in speed and technique

We're a better team with Szarka in the lineup. I think the problem is there has never really been enough of a creative offensive role for Szarka.....

Just so we can get some perspective on what being 4-0 means:

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have a 4-0 record for only the third time in the team's modern history.
The team has not had a 5-0 record since the Regina Roughriders were renamed the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 1948. The franchise was formed as the Regina Rugby Club in 1912. The name was changed to Regina Roughriders in 1924.

Since the franchise's inception, it has been 4-0 in 1913, 1915, 1921, 1922, 1930, 1935, 1938, 1969 and 1970.

The team has been 5-0 or better on four occasions, most recently 74 years ago. It finished 5-0 in 1919 and 1931, and 6-0 in 1928 and 1934.

Information for this item was gleaned from Edward Yuen's 2002 statistical history, 92 Years of Roughrider Football.