4-0 West

Really surprising opening weekend. I would have never thought the East would not take a game. I kinda took BC a win, but the rest I figured would be a race. What's even more surprising, IMO, is that the Stamps and the Riders looked the best out of the gate. I figured the Riders would struggle the most, followed by Edmonton, then the Stamps.

Exciting start to the season. I do not believe Montreal is as good as the past couple years, but their O has been so flat 40 minutes into the game.

What do you expect when the East has loaded up on, and depended heavily on, every Q.B. the West was willing to give away.

3out of the 4 games were played in the west if the Esks and Argos game was played out east i think the score might have been different.
The D in the west is much better but I think the O in the east is ahead of the west and that usually takes longer to develop .

For now it is. Still 17 more regular season games to go for each team.

..only week one..anything is possible come Nov.

I think A.C's glory days are behind him....

It can only get better from here. I can't remember a more boring opening weekend. The only game that had any interest to it was the BC game and only because you knew Geroy would likely set the record in his first game. Hopefully the East can work out some of the bugs this week and put out a better product next week.

I expected Toronto might struggle a bit at first but never expected the other three to get it handed to them so thoroughly.

Unfortunately, that was the one game I missed. Had to go to a going-away party downtown. Luckily, the bar had the game on the TV, so I got to see Geroy break the record, as well as him and Stegall hugging on the field, but I wasn't really able to follow it.

Weird, I found the Lions/Bombers game the 2nd most boring game, even with Geroy getting the record. I thought the Stamps/Als, and Riders/Cats games were the most entertaining.

they were definitely more explosive. It is hard, because I always view the CFL as a open game, high scoring, but still have a great appreciation for a defensive team/game...i just don't find it as exciting

what the hell is this talk about boring games. are you really cfl fans?

They cant all be contenders for best ever games, but very rare is a game truly boring like the 83 cup. I was entertained in various degrees by all games, although I wish Hamiltons D had at least stuck their heads into the staduim.

At sportbooks, 3 of 4 favorites won as expected except for Hamilton. 3 of 4 west quarterbacks outplay east overrated quarterbacks. Too early to judge early results. But sad for east division if west continues to dominate because east is supposed to be stronger. In near future, east's older quarterbacks may retire and the east could become weaker.


Stegall made a nice speech as did Simon. Nice to see that with all the big records that have been broken in the last few years not a player in the bunch you think “why did it have to be him”. Simon even thanked Winnipeg for giving him his first CFL job.

And very rare is it that an entire weekend goes by without at least one exciting game. 2 major blow-outs one minor blow-out and although the Argo/Esks game was close it was never an exciting affair.

Don't expect perfection every game just commenting on the weekend. It's week 1 and it will get better as the weeks go on.

All the western teams looked better prepared than their eastern competition, great job by the western coaching staffs.

West will be stronger than people think. I enjoyed most of the games. How can't u be excited with opening week of the CFL?

Ya know, I never even took that into consideration. Great point. :thup:

Based on what we saw in Week 1 I’d have to disagree with that statement. None of the East teams could break the 17point barrier. Based on past history, you’d have to figure Montreal to be much improved on offence for the rest of the year…Hamilton and Toronto could go either way…I have no confidence in the Winnipeg QBS and I fully expect them to struggle on offence this year.

West put up some big scores, offense ain't suffering.

All but the Esks...